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"Careful, Phoenix. You're up against a new set of enemies."
Ulrich Olsen

The battle of the Lambert Mountains was a conflict that took place over the Lambert Mountains.[1] [2]


After the battle of the Twinkle Islands, an allied radar station discovered a rebel recon squadron that was planning to track allied movements. In addition, the leadership of the Allied Forces believed that were was a Rebel Ace squadron in the vicinity.[2]


At 1400 hours, Phoenix entered the airspace over the Lambert Mountains and began his attack on the recon squadron. However, after the enemy squadron was shot down, an ace squadron, call sign Lancer Squadron, arrived as reinforcements. Despite fierce resistance, Phoenix was able to shoot down the squadron and secured the airspace over the mountains.[2]


With the destruction of both the recon and the ace squadrons, the Allied Forces were able to regain control of Usea's western region. In addition, they began preparations to retake key military points.[2]