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"It's a desert squall."
Estovakian pilot[1]

The battle of the Moloch Desert was a conflict where the Emmerian military destroyed the remnant Estovakian forces gathered near Moloch Desert in east Anea.


Emmerian armed forces planned to pass through the Moloch Desert, which leads straight to Gracemeria. They encountered many Estovakian forces, which were remnants who had concentrated in the desert with the intention of stopping the Emmerian military from recapturing Gracemeria. Approximately 324 Estovakian units were up against 133 Emmerian units in one of the largest engagements of the Emmeria-Estovakia War up to that point.


On March 25, 2016, the battle began. Warlock Separate Battalion broke the Estovakian defense perimeter. Quox Armored Battalion recaptured the air base. The 35th Bomber Squadron destroyed AA installations before continuing on to the enemy's field headquarters. Garuda Squadron was able to support the operations.

Abruptly mid-battle, AWACS Ghost Eye received a message from the Emmerian Joint Chiefs of Staff which required all Emmerian forces to retreat from the desert. Marcus Lampert was the only pilot who failed to comply: inspired to keep going by his family which he desperately missed, he continued to engage the Strigon Team who immediately entered after the message was received. Garuda One was forced to assist Shamrock in taking out the Strigon Team. After they succeeded, they withdrew, being the last Emmerian forces to do so.


Even though the Emmerians had been forced to halt their advance, the battle proved to be a major defeat for the Estovakians, as the large numbers lost during the battle meant it was even harder to defend the capital from attack.

The Garuda Squadron was suspended soon after, where they learned that the withdrawal was due to the fact that Estovakia was threatening to carry out a WMD threat on Gracemeria if they advanced too far or too fast. 



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