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"The Stovies don't have a chance. We've got 'em outnumbered."
Warlock Separate Battalion soldier[1]

The battle of the Moloch Desert was one of the largest battles during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. On the backfoot, the Estovakian military began to amass their remaining forces in the Moloch Desert in an effort to prevent the Emmerians from reaching Gracemeria.[1]

Despite their combined force, the Estovakians were still outnumbered by the Emmerians, who advanced with relative ease. On the cusp of victory, however, Emmerian Command ordered that all Emmerian forces halt their advance after learning of a scorched earth policy that threatened Gracemeria.[1]


Emmerian intelligence learned that the Estovakian Forces were attempting to combine their force in near Moloch Desert in eastern Anea in a final effort to stop the Emmerians from reaching their former capital. As the route through the Moloch Desert led straight to Gracemeria, the Emmerians concluded that they would use this opportunity to severely cripple the Estovakian military.[1]


On March 25, 2016, the Emmerian military commenced a large-scale invasion of the Moloch Desert. During the engagement, Warlock Separate Battalion broke the Estovakian defense perimeter, Quox Armored Battalion recaptured the airbase, Hammerhead Squadron destroyed anti-air installations before commencing a direct assault on the Estovakian field headquarters, and Snake Pit and Nazca Team provided ESM to all Emmerian air forces. Concurrently, Garuda Team provided support to the various operations. With the support of Garuda Team, the Estovakian forces were mostly destroyed. [1]

With the majority of their forces in ruins, the Estovakian forces decided to retreat in order to bolster their defenses around Gracemeria, and the Emmerian forces, naturally, gave chase. At some point during the chase, however, the Emmerian Department of National Safety discovered that Estovakia had a scorched earth policy planned and had already made preparations to move the WMD catalyst into Gracemeria. This prompted Emmerian Mission Command to issue a ceasefire order to all participating Emmerian forces, in hopes that this would slow Estovakia's plan.[1]

Talisman engaging a Strigon aircraft

As the Emmerian forces were not aware of the WMD threat, most were puzzled by the order but followed it anyway. Marcus Lampert, however, blatantly defied the order, and proceeded to engage the recently arrived Strigon Team alongside Talisman, who was forced to defy the order against his own will. Ultimately, Garuda Team shot down all Strigon aircraft.[1]


Although the Emmerians had been forced to halt their advance, Estovakian forces suffered heavy losses during the engagement, severely weakening the strength of the defenses around Gracemeria.[1] However, as a result of this loss, the Estovakians hastened their scorched earth policy.[2]

Upon return, Garuda Team, having defied the direct ceasefire order, were immediately suspended from all flight combat operations with a formal reprimand for insubordination. Voychek and Pasternak, having heard about this, naturally became worried about Garuda Team losing their positions. However, Garuda Team redeemed themselves during the Fort Norton infiltration the next day, and their suspensions were lifted.