Battle of the Moloch Desert

On March 25, 2016, the Emmerians planned to pass through Moloch Desert, which leads straight to Gracemeria. There they encountered many Estovakian military forces with the intention of stop
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ping the Emmerian military from entering Gracemeria. Approximately 324 Estovakian units against 133 Emmerian units. Operation A was assisting Warlock Separate Battalion with the main Estovakian tanks. Operation B was assisting Quox Tank Battalionin taking the airport. Operation C was protecting Hammerhead Bomber Squadron from interceptors and AAA and escorting them into the city. Operation D was protecting Snake Pit from enemy squadrons. Garuda was able to support all of the operations and just when they would finish off the rest, a message from the Joint Chiefs of Staff just came into AWACS. The message requires all Emmerian forces to retreat from the desert. Everybody complied except Shamrock. He continued to pursue the Strigon team who immediately entered after the message was received. He was inspired to keep going by his family which he desperately missed. Garuda One was forced to assist Shamrock in taking out the Strigon team. They succeed which led to their suspension soon after, due to the fact that Estovokia was threatening to carry out a WMD catylist on Gracemaria if they advanced too far or too fast.


Despite the fact the Emmerians had been forced to halt there advance the battle proved to be a major defeat for the Estovakians, the large numbers lost during the battle meant it was even harder to defend the capital from attack.

Garuda Squadron destroyed the Estovakian WMDs which were being kept at Fort Norton, the Emmerians then restarted there advance to take Gracemeria.

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