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The battle of the Twinkle Islands was a conflict that took place over Twinkle Islands. This was Phoenix's first operation in the Usean coup d'état.[1][2]



As Usea was in shambles due to the sudden uprising of rebel forces, the Usean Allied Forces commenced Operation: Fighter's Honor. Scarface Squadron was brought back into service after the unit disbanded in the aftermath of the Skully Islands insurrection.[3]


Phoenix was deployed to shoot down bombers that were sent to destroy an Allied Forces frontline base located at Twinkle Islands. Phoenix shot down all bombers and escorts before being engaged by 2 MiG-21-93 Fishbeds and one of the rebel forces' aces, Gold Bird. He successfully shot down all rebel forces in the area and protected the base from any attacks.[2]


Thanks to Phoenix's efforts, the Usean Allied Forces were starting to turn the tide of the war.


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