"You've gotta be kidding me, they've got a battleship."
AWACS Thunderhead
Battleship Upor

Yuktobanian battleship Upor

Battleships are large armored naval warships equipped with heavy guns that can be used against other ships, ground targets, or even aircraft. These guns are highly accurate and can do severe damage.

Battleships have appeared semi-regularly throughout the Ace Combat series, however not many of them were notable or named.


Erusean Navy[]

Tanager sinking

Battleship Tanager sinking in Comberth Harbor

The Erusean Navy's top fleet, the Aegir Fleet, featured their Iowa-class battleship Tanager as the fleet's flagship. The Tanager was sunk along with the rest of the Aegir Fleet during the Continental War.[1]

During that same war, another battleship was deployed to protect Farbanti from invading ISAF forces. However, it ran aground to the shoreline, fixing it in place and allowing for easy air strikes to eliminate it.[2]

Yuktobanian Navy[]

A Yuktobanian Iowa class battleship and its escort is sent to stop the Osean forces in the Jilachi Desert opening fire with its main gun on the ground forces but she's sunk by Wardog Squadron.

Estovakian Navy[]

An Estovakian Iowa class battleship was deployed in Operation Free Gracemeria against the Emmerian 2nd Fleet.

Depending on the players actions, the ship was either spared or sunk.[3]

Leasath Naval Forces[]

Leasathian battleship

The sole battleship that took part in the Ambush at Danern

A single battleship was part of the Leasathian fleet advancing towards Archelon Fortress through the Danern Straits. The battleship, along with the rest of the fleet, was sunk in an ambush by Gryphus and Falco Squadrons.[4]

Named Units[]



  • Battleship Tanager was the flagship for the Erusean Aegir Fleet. This is an unconventional move, as the flagship of a fleet is typically an aircraft carrier.
    • However, during World War II, flagships were often chosen due to their speed.
  • The battleship in Armada can survive a direct hit from the Long Range Shock Wave Missile.
  • The battleships seen in Ace Combat are typically modeled after the Iowa-class USS New Jersey, identifiable by its unique conning tower design.