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The Belkan Navy is the naval branch of the Belkan Federation. In comparison to the Belkan Army and the Belkan Air Force, the Belkan Navy played only a minor role in the Belkan War.


The Belkan Navy participated in the invasion of other countries to an unknown extent. After the initial invasion, the Belkan Navy was deployed to defend important locations, such as the Futuro Canal. [1]

On April 24, the Allied Forces carried out Offensive Campaign No. 4101 in an attempt to capture Futuro Canal. As a result of this operation, the Belkan forces occupying the canal were destroyed, including a Belkan fleet that was assigned to defend the northern end of the canal. [1]

Months later, elements of the Belkan Navy, in addition to elements of the Belkan Army and the Belkan Air Force, were massing at Anfang; a peace accord was being signed in Lumen, but the forces gathering at Anfang refused to comply with orders to stand down. In response, the Allied Forces hired mercenaries for a top-secret operation to clear Anfang of all Belkan forces. After the mercenaries completed their mission, Belkan resistance to the peace accord that was signed in Lumen officially came to an end. [2]

During Operation Dynamo and Operation Stone Age, several Belkan gunboats were encountered by the Allied Forces; since the gunboats were relatively far from Belka's main coasts, it is unclear whether these vessels belonged to a brown-water division of the navy or to the Belkan Army.


Most of the ship classes are the same as those used by the Yuktobanian Navy.

  • One known but unnamed class aircraft carrier called the Njord.

Naval aviation

The Belkan Navy had its own pilot branch, with Hugo Parcham being the top naval ace from 1990 to 1995. He was shot down during the Offensive Campaign No. 4101 in the Futuro Canal, stationed aboard the aircraft carrier Njord.