Belkan Power is a pair of descriptions of the Excalibur and the Hresvelgr.[1] Below is a translation of the original Japanese text.[2]

The Excalibur[]

The Unveiling of Belka's Massive Weapon

"Excalibur," a defensive chemical laser weapon for protection of the mainland constructed under the Belkan National BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) plan beginning in 1981. In order to defeat foreign enemies making use of the sprawling hilly terrain of the mainland, as well as intercepting strategic ballistic missiles from enemy countries, it became an immensely tall structure which seems to cry out "Belkan strength." Moreover, by using reflectors mounted on satellites and very high altitude aircraft, it can take outranging shots with a theoretical range radius of 1200 km. Belkans of the present day take pride in their mighty military technology having produced such a weapon, of which it's even said that "The nation which has it first may rule the world."

The Hresvelgr[]

Belka's Top-Secret Patrol Fighter Aircraft

A heavy command cruiser aircraft with a wingspan of 503m constructed by the South Belka Munitions Factory. However, while it passed the first testing phase, it has not entered mass production, nor seen actual combat as of the present day in 1995. The plan is that it will be an airborne carrier with the goal of long-distance campaigns and that in times of war it could also function as an airborne control aircraft. However, circumstances dictated that it also has the ability to transport large quantities of goods and make bombing attacks, but the cost to operate it has become enormous. That enormous frame is made to fly with six 1350.2 kN high powered engines.


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