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"Warning. Change course immediately. Return to base or you'll get shot down."
― One separatist's transmission to the bomber squadron

The Belkan separatists were four unknown Belkan pilots who attempted to prevent the nuclear self-immolation carried out by Belkan Air Force bombers on June 6, 1995.[1]

It is not made clear how these pilots became aware of the operation. The separatists reached the bomber squadron a short time after Galm Team and Crow Team engaged the bombers. The mercenaries were baffled as to why Belkans were firing on their own countrymen, but used the opportunity to shoot down the bombers more easily in the confusion.[1]

Any surviving separatists from the engagement and the ensuing nuclear explosions escaped the airspace immediately following the detonations.[1] Their individual fates are unknown.


  • The separatists are the only neutral targets in the game who can fire weapons, as well as being some of the few fighters that are automatically neutral when spawning. However, their fire is simply eye candy; their missiles and guns will not harm the bombers.
  • Their MiG-31s were painted in the standard Belkan paint scheme for MiG-31s, implying that these pilots were not aces or a part of any notable squadron.
  • Despite being enemies to them, the bombers' F-15E escorts will make no attempt to shoot down the separatists.


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