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"Well, then, let's have some fun."
― Bernhard Schmidt, First Battle of B7R

Bernhard Schmidt was a member of the Belkan Air Force that fought during the Belkan War in 1995.

Known as the "Night Owl" for his distinctive ability to read the tide of battle, he was notorious for his "rule breaker" type attitude, but remained in as an indispensable component in the BAF  (Belkan Air Force).


Early life before the Belkan War

Bernhard was born in 1965 in the suburbs of the city of Sudentor. Being born in a "safe" environment, he lived his adolescence as a rebel, coming in an out of poor jobs and being low on money.

During his youth, Bernhard heard a patriotic speech from a street corner and later on, in 1990, a extreme wing party of his homeland took over, leading a patriotism-motivated Schmidt to join the Belkan Air Force.

Having joined the Air Force, he quickly stood out compared to other students, being able to quickly analyze and predict the situation in the battlefield and in March 21, 1994, Bernhard launched in a combat sortie, where his plane, a F/A-18C Hornet, suffered severe damage.

Despite this impedement, he struggled and eventually shot down a hostile F-15C Eagle, a testament to his survivability on the battlefield.

Belkan War

After several days from the start of the war, in April 20, 1995, Bernhard and his Grun Squadron launched in a sortie towards the famed Area B7R, the "Round Table" as reinforcerements after receiving reports that just only two mercenaries from Ustio were wreaking havoc on the local forces.

Expecting the situation to have been controlled by the time he arrived to B7R, he could not believe that his allied pilots in the area had been overpowered, since the BAF is famous for its professional pilots.

A battle ensued, and the entire Grun Team was shot down killing two pilots from the squadron and just after the incident at the Round Table Schmidt returned to the front lines, continuing to fight the Allied forces until the end of the war in June 1995.

Later life

Following the end of the war, Bernhard Schmidt returned to his hometown of Sudentor and a decade later, in mid 2005, he was interviewed by the reporter Brett Thompson of the OBC for his documentary about the conflict.