Blitz is a mission in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


"We are planning a surprise attack to recapture our country's largest air base, the Sachana Air Base . The base,with it's large supply warehouses, is a crucial strategic point as well as a vital supply channel. By securing Sachana Air Base, our forces will gain a necessary staging point for a combined allied assault on the capitol. At present , the Leasath Air Force is grounded, but they're mobilizing to aide ground forces fighting on the Kalana Steppes The Skylla Unit is also rumored to be stationed at  Sachana Air Base. They're an elite team highly skilled in anti-aircraft tactics. A head on confrontation must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, we have devised a plan to penetrate deep into enemy territory and strike while thir attention is still focused on the Kalana Steppes. A sweeping radar net lies between here and Sachana Air Base.However, by flying at an altitude of 1600 feet (300 meters), you should be able to make it through undetected. A sudden and precise strike on the base will greatly increase our chances of winning without risking a head-on confrontation."


Gryphus 1 is tasked with infiltraing the enemy radar net and neutralizing Sachana Air Base, leading the way for a combined air assault on Griswall.

In order to remain hidden, Gryphus 1 must sink all of the patrol boats undetected on one of two routes: the first, which is drectly in front of him, contains a number of turns heading northwest and another, located farther to the left, features a much straighter path.

If the boats in either route were sunk, the Mission Update will commence and Gryphus One is clear to engage the mission-critical targets.


The S-Rank is achieved when the mission is completed in a quick time, regardless of the score

Star Unit

AH-64D - Spawns at the start of the mission to the west. 

Ace Unit

TND-F3 Gacrux - Spawns together with the F-2A Viper Zeros to the north of Sachana Air Base after the mission update.


'The surprise attack was a sucess. Sachana Air Base is back in our hands. Air power will be a vital asset, especially in the battle to retake Griswall. I have a feeling, that the day of our capital's liberation is not far off."

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