"Moving to dive down into the battery! I'm gonna take out that back-up cooling unit!"
― Blizzard after witnessing Shamrock's sacrifice

Blizzard is a naval pilot part of the Republic of Emmeria Navy's 2nd Carrier Air Wing, 2nd Strike Fighter Squadron (Avalanche Squadron). The only known deployments of him and his squadron were during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.

Blizzard flew alongside Serac and another unnamed Emmerian pilot under the command of Freddie Durand during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. As Durand's wingman, Blizzard participated in most of the same battles as Garuda Team and the Republic of Emmeria Air Force.


Blizzard joined Avalanche Squadron sometime after the Emmerian military's retreat to Khesed Island.[1] With his comrades, Blizzard aided in recapturing Khesed[2] and participated in numerous operations, including the destruction of the Aerial Fleet.[3]

Along with the rest of the Emmerian Air Force, he came to back up Garuda Team after the Fort Norton infiltration when they came into a heavier than anticipated Estovakian fire. During missions if Talisman requested support, Blizzard would come to his aid to provide back up.[4] Following the operation over the Alma River, Blizzard participated in Operation Free Gracemeria.[5]

During the assault on the Chandelier, Marcus Lampert sacrificed himself to obtain data on the Chandelier's final cooling unit. After witnessing Shamrock go down, Blizzard was seen to have gained a boost of confidence and vowed to be the one who would end up destroying the weapon. Despite this, Talisman was the one who ended up destroying the Chandelier's back-up cooling and core.[6]



  • Blizzard's callsign is related to ice and the cold, just like the callsigns of his other squadron members.