• Academyjr64

    Spare 6 Keystone
    AKA u/KeystoneGray

    The date is 4 September 2019. Captain Matias Torres and his supercarrier submarine, Alicorn, have been hijacked by Count and Wiseman of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group; coincidentially, AWACS Long Caster has suspiciously gone missing. Osean Intelligence believes that Brigadier General Clemens - originally in charge of the operation to capture the Alicorn - has also fled the military to pursue his dreams abroad in the culinary arts.

    Count's probationary release from Spare Squadron means that Commander McKinsey of the 444th must take responsibility for Count's AWOL; as such, he has been given one chance to rectify the situation. McKinsey has thus officially taken command of what remains of the LRSSG and …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    This year is the 25th anniversary of the Ace Combat franchise! Last year, Brand Director Kazutoki Kono and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Producer Manabu Shimomoto revealed that there would be some surprises in store for the fans to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, which takes place on June 30, the date of Air Combats release in 1995.

    A free update to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will arrive on April 2nd! This update will add a bunch of new skins and emblems to the game for all players on all platforms!

    The free new skins are as follows:

    • F-15C Strider 2 (Count)
    • F-16C Mage 1 (Clown)
    • F/A-18F Spare 6 (Full Band)
    • MiG-29A Spare 8 (Champ)
    • Mirage 2000-5 Spare 11 (Tabloid)
    • Rafale M Alicorn (SACS)
    • Su-47 Mimic 01 (Rage)
    • Su-47 Mimic 02 (Scream)
    • Su-33 Spare 2 (Co…

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  • Generale wareagle

    I know that a few months ago Nemo Project archived to finish the translation of the Japanese version of ace Combat 3. My question is, how do I extract the ISO from my copy of ace Combat 3 Japanese version and how do I install the patch for the translation? Thanks a lot

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    AC7 DLC Info Dump

    September 12, 2019 by SlyCooperFan1

    Everyone, meet the Alicorn, a nuclear submarine that we will get to know very well in the DLC missions of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. We've gotten quite a lot of nuggets of lore in the trailers we've seen thus far, so here's what we know about what we're getting!

    First off, the DLC missions themselves. All three missions take place between "Bunker Buster" and "Cape Rainy Assault" in the main campaign. You can access the DLC missions through the new "SP MISSION" section in the menu.

    1. "Unexpected Visitor"
      • Release Date: September 25, 2019
      • Operation Date: September 4, 2019
      • Location: Artiglio Port
      • Objective: Shoot down the Erusean fighters trying to defend the Alicorn. Erusea is supported by ECM aircraft that will block our radar. We will be supported by …

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  • Generale wareagle

    Hi, I know there is quite a big modding scene for the newer ace Combat games, especially ace Combat 7. My question is, seeing that floating online there is the ISO of Ace Combat 5 or can be extracted by a CD DVD of the original game (of which i’m A proud owner), would it be possible to mod the game to be able to play with the ADA-01 and its SDBM special weapon after filling the ADF-01 experience bar? I ask this because is since I was a child and saw the article on this very website almost 10 years ago that I would like to play that aircraft and use that weapon. So the question would be, is it possible to create a mod like that? Does it exist already? If yes where could I find it? If not there is somebody capable of creating it? If yes i’m…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the first Acepedia Update after the full release of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown on all three platforms! We're over a month after the console releases, and almost three weeks after the Steam release! Early indications are looking really good. AC7's sales figures appear to be far surpassing both AC6 and Assault Horizon, and reviews are fairly consistent and mostly positive: tight gameplay, deep (if at times complicated) story, and incredible visuals.

    As you would expect, Acepedia has been hard at work over these last few weeks, gathering as much data and info as possible. Aces At War: A History 2019 having accessible English and Chinese versions in addition to Japanese is an incredible help in this aspect.

    So let's go over what the past mon…

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  • Qbicle

    In Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the Clear Rank for campaign mode's and VR mode's missions are graded by a combination of both Time Bonus and Destruction Score. In other words, players need to be quick and take down a sufficient number of enemy targets to earn the S ranks. This requirement is the same regardless of the mission's difficulty.

    When looking at the results after a mission, a few things need to be taken into account:

    • Total time to complete a mission
    • Time Bonus
    • Destruction Score

    Let's start with the Destruction Score, which is relatively straightforward. All enemy targets you have destroyed in a mission are summed up in this score. Enemy targets destroyed by allied forces do not count, nor do targets that cannot be destroyed in the miss…

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  • Wardie1993

    Ace Combat 7 wishlist

    January 20, 2019 by Wardie1993

    Here's a list of planes I'd love to see added to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, obviously not all of these can be added, but any of these I'd love to see.

    Planes I really wish for

    • F-5E Tiger II
    • Tornado GR.4
    • ADA-01A ADLER
    • ADF-01 FALKEN
    • CFA-44 Nosferatu
    • BAe Hawk Mk. 208
    • F-4X
    • Tornado F.3
    • XFA-24A Apalis
    • YR-302 Fregata
    • XFA-27
    • J35J Draken
    • Su-24M Fencer-D

    Planes I'd love to see

    • YR-99 Forneus
    • XFA-33 Fenrir
    • Saab Viggen
    • R-101 Delphinus 1
    • ASF-X Shinden II
    • F-15 S/MTD
    • Su-25TM Frogfoot
    • A-4 Skyhawk
    • EE Lightning
    • EE Canberra
    • North American F-100 Super Saber
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  • Razgriz6

    With Ace Combat 7 on the horizion and with less than 24 hours to release I figured there is no better time to ask this question. Is theArsenal bird basically theArkbird from Ace Combat 5? I got so excited for AC7 that I went out and bought AC5 (I previously did not own it, I figuted it would be well worth the $6 I found it for) in my playthrough of AC5, I encountered the Arkbird (the mission to protect the launch facility was a nightmare) none the less I had to shoot it down. Well I started to think, what if the Arsenalbird is the Arkbird? Here are a few similarities in the two;

    -Both made by Ocea

    -Both orginally intended for peace (loose for the arsenalbird)

    -Both were weponized

    -Both will/have been shot down

    -Both were aquired by the enemy


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  • Qbicle

    "Welcome back to Strangereal!" Masato Kanno tweeted from Project Aces' official Twitter account on December 6, 2015, shortly after the newest Ace Combat game's teaser trailer. Fans rejoiced upon the news. After all, the last numbered Ace Combat title before then, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, released way back in 2007.

    Strangereal is the name of the alternate universe where most of the Ace Combat games take place. As brand director Kazutoki Kono has mentioned in interviews, the name "Strangereal" was first coined as "Strange Real World" to refer to the reality within Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (aka Ace Combat: Distant Thunder in Europe) when the developer was constructing the said game's lore, albeit a grammatically wrong term. The name "Str…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Another Acepedia Update, less than a month since the last one? Yep, it's definitely the run-up to a new game :D

    I've got three important things to bring to everyone's attention: new featured blog posts, our new spoiler policy, and our new mission article layout! Plus, an extra surprise: a new German wiki!

    If you check out our Main Page (revamped in the Dark Blue update) you'll notice a new Featured Blog Posts section in the right sidebar! Over the years, Acepedia has hosted sporadic blog posts from users who have wanted to talk about a popular theory, ideas for the next game, and more. We'd like to start encouraging users to write more blog posts like these!

    I've already got the ball rolling with two of my own blog posts that were previously …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Greetings, fellow aces! It's been one hell of a summer. From E3 to Gamescom to Tokyo Game Show, the days of our news droughts are finally over and we're counting down the days to the release of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown! What a fitting celebration for Acepedia's 12th anniversary this past August :D

    I've said in the past that Acepedia would have to get ready for a flood of information when the game releases, and a large part of those preparations is now complete. I want to run through a few things that have changed on the wiki in the past few days.

    Myself, User:Qbicle, and User:MyNamesFurii have spent the past couple of hours figuring out a few updates to our colors and the images we use for our logos.

    First, the artists out there will quickl…

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  • Wardie1993

    I would like if we could fly for Erusea, trying to restore her greatness. I feel sympathetic to Erusea and Free Erusea.

    Make Erusea Great Again! MEGA!

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  • Wardie1993

    What if the Usean Rebel Forces won the Usean coup d'état? There goal was to make a strong, unified and isolationist Usea out of fears of an Osean-Yuktobanian invasion. How might events be different, would there be an Osea-Usea War instead of the Usean Continental War, how might history be different?

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  • Vinidev

    I'm very excited, we finally have a release date for AC7. Hope to play and meet new fans of the series here where I live and across the world.

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    This article was previously published at FANDOM on April 5, 2016.

    The Ace Combat series is a varied one, with many enjoyable mechanics and some not-as-enjoyable issues. There's still a notable lack of information on the upcoming Ace Combat 7 but its developers have a history of over 15 prior games to improve upon. What can – and should – this next installment learn from the previous games in the series?

    As obvious as it may seem to suggest fixing bugs, some Ace Combat games have had the same consistent, annoying bugs. One of the most popular bugs plaguing all of the games is the AI's ability to fly through the ground. Even Ace Combat Infinity, the latest console game in the series, has this problem. Some fans joke that this shouldn't ever be fixed,…

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    This article was previously published at FANDOM on March 13, 2016.

    Fans were overjoyed to learn that Ace Combat 7 would be one of many Ace Combat games to take place in a fictional world known as "Strangereal". Strangereal's Earth is completely different from our own; the landmasses, countries, and history are completely unique. Most Ace Combat games that take place in this fictional world are highly reviewed, and fans have been asking for a new game to take place in Strangereal for years.

    The most recent releases in the Ace Combat series – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Ace Combat Infinity – instead took place on our real Earth. Sure, fictional events took place with fictional characters, but they involved the United States, Russia, Japan, Duba…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Greetings, aces! It is a sad day around the world; just hours ago, Ace Combat Infinity closed its doors after nearly four years of service. We tip our hats to Project Aces and the ACEINF management team within PA for all of their hard work in maintaining the game this long.

    But with Infinity gone, our sights are now focused back where they belong: on Strangereal. And to celebrate this occasion, we have decided to stop pretending what this wiki covers. No, we don't care about mission articles, we don't care about the games, and we certainly don't care about many of the characters.

    What we have always cared about is Belka. It's always been Belka.

    Starting today, new rules will be enacted across Acepedia, which will be renamed to Belkapedia:

    • All arti…
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  • Generale wareagle

    Taipei Game Show

    January 30, 2018 by Generale wareagle

    Sorry, I’ve not followed the game show and i’m a little bit late, but, there was something related to Ace Combat 7 there?

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  • Generale wareagle

    STOVL carrier game

    December 20, 2017 by Generale wareagle

    A few days ago I made a comment on the page of th mission Juggernat from Ace Combat 2 talking about the HMS Invinceble contained in this mission and other STOVL Carriers.

    For anyone who is interested there is a nice flight simulator for IOS mobile and android called Marina Militare where you can land in vertical mode and take off in vertical or normally with Harrier Plus II and F-35B from the Italian Carrier Cavour, that is the biggest STOVL carrier behind just the America Class.

    If you try it let me know what you think.

    (I’m not really sure if I can post this here because it’s not ace combat related, let me know if I have to delete it)

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    • ]]

    • UNF
    • Arrowblades
    • Bone Arrow
    • Reaper (Ribbon)
    • Viper
    • Omega
    • Ridgebacks
    • Sons of Troia

    • Butterfly Master
    • Reaper Squadron
    • Reaper (Gold Ribbon)
    • The Ace of Arrowblades
    • WNE
    • UAV Kill Mark
    • Southern Operation
    • Ravine Survivor
    • Stonehenge
    • Operation Override Campaign Medal
    • The Demon Lord
    • Operation Bunker Shot Campaign Medal

    • Test Pilot
    • Flying Cat
    • Hovering Bird
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Comona Base)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Comona Base) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Austria)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Austria) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Dubai)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Dubai) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Moscow)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Moscow) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Pipeline Destruction)

    • OEL Pilot Medal (Pipeline Destruction) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Weapons Base Assault)
    • OEL Pilot Medal (Weapons Base Assault) (HARD)
    • OEL Pilot …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown producer and Ace Combat showrunner Kazutoki Kono has had multiple interviews this week. Many of them were online with various Japanese outlets, but there was one in particular on Gamespot's livestream. Here are the most important points from each interview.


    • "Hello, this is the Weekly Famitsu. And I like to play polo. You know, with the horses."
    • F-2A confirmed.
    • The Kestrel II is confirmed to be an aircraft carrier.
    • The crumbling city in the trailer is confirmed to be Farbanti.
    • Kono says that the E3 build took longer than they thought it would, so to make sure the game would be as polished as possible, Kono made the decision to delay it to 2018. "We believed it woul…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Holy hell, this has been one wild weekend, everyone. Lots of new stuff has come out for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown! I've been meaning to make a summary blog post detailing everything that's happened and all of the updates to Acepedia, but every time I tried starting this post, something else came up!

    So, here's a recap of what's happened:

    On June 9, 2017 at 10:57 PM Tokyo time, Kazutoki Kono tweeted the following: "Three more minutes?" At 11:00 PM Tokyo time, the non-subtitled version of Ace Combat 7s E3 trailer was released exclusively via GameSpot.

    Three hours later, at 1:57 AM Tokyo time, Kono then tweeted another three-minute warning. At 2:00 AM Tokyo time, the subtitled versions of the trailer were released via Bandai Namco's various YouT…

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    • Increased chances of Gold and Black Special Raids!
    • The game's available Special Raids will change to only one type during the following weeks:
      • Moby Dick Pursuit (May 16–23)
      • STONEHENGE RETURNS (May 23–30)
      • Satellite Interception (May 30–June 6)
      • Excalibur Onslaught (June 6–June 13)
    • Three new Ranking Tournaments are on the way, all of which last longer than usual.
      • Online Co-Op Missions: "On Cloud Seven" (May 16–31)
      • Naval Fleet Assault: "Nothing Else Comes Close" (May 18–29)
      • Score Team Deathmatch: "Yo buddy. Still alive?" (June 1–12)
    • New challenges will be available, including daily Special Raid challenges for White and Red versions!
    • 50% discount on Instant Radio Messages in the Special Supply Ticket Catalogue from previous games in the series, including …
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week! Apologies, this one is a day late.

    • More important than any of the following, User:DoubleDelta One has finished uploading every aircraft skin image that we've been missing from Ace Combat X and Joint Assault! He's also been updating aircraft articles in general with various fixes and missing stats, so I want to thank DoubleDelta One a million times over for all of his help in one of our most lacking areas!
    • I created Acepedia:Navigation to help organize our category tree, which hasn't had extensive work done on it since the wiki began. In lieu of this, I've also fixed a few category issues:
      • I deleted the Aces of the Belkan War cat…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

    Today's update will actually cover the past two weeks since I was on vacation and missed last week's update. Here we go:

    • I finally made a big update to the Nicknames/Event article to closer match all of its info with the current medal shops in Infinity.
    • User:DoubleDelta One has continued uploading a huge number of screenshots we've needed.
    • User:Zaptroxix has uploaded many screenshots of Infinity aircraft that we've either been missing or have rehosted from Gwiki in the past.
    • User:Shayanomer has continued updating many Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin gallery tabbers.
    • User:Northern Rain has continued adding to our Ace Comb…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

    • I've added a Discord module to the right sidebar! Any active Acepedia user, on any language of Acepedia, is free to join!
    • We now have a page dedicated to YouTube caption translations! English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Indonesian are already completed. We could use more support if you know any other language!
    • We now have a Brazilian Portuguese wiki! Click here to see it! If you know Brazilian Portuguese, please help us in expanding your wiki!
    • User:DoubleDelta One, User:Shayanomer and User:Qbicle have continued adding many necessary images.
    • Shayanomer has continued to standardize many Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

    We're doing this on Saturday this week because, of course, it's April Fools' Day! I hope you guys are enjoying the "blue light filter" :D

    Beyond the fact that Acepedia has never looked so good, here's the major changes at the wiki over the last seven days:

    • The majority of the older Ace Combat trailers on our YouTube channel now have captions in multiple languages! If you know any non-English language, please click here to contribute captions, or you can also go to each video manually.
    • Our new page header now supports italics in ; parenthetical notes ("AC5" in Kei Nagase (AC5)) are now less prominent; and the page title now sh…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    EDIT: Happy April Fools'! The wiki has been restored to its original color scheme.


    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, aces!

    I've recently discovered something: many computer devices are now including features or have programs available to put on a "blue light filter", which reduces blue light from screens at nighttime and prevents eye strain. My laptop, desktop, and now even my phone automatically activate blue light filters when the sun sets every day.

    A very popular program for computers is f.lux, which I highly recommend.

    In light of this (haha, get it?), I've determined that the benefits are far too great to keep to myself. I wanted to share this helpful bit of science with the entire Ace Combat fandom. So, effective immediate…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Hello and welcome to our first Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

    This is a new blog series I thought of a few days ago and wanted to try out. A lot happens on this wiki—new information is discovered, articles are standardized, new features are implemented—and I figured having a weekly summary of the prior week's events would be a helpful tool for the community.

    This isn't like Blog:Acepedia Updates, which I'll continue to update when we have major developments as they occur. Instead, this is just like a debriefing; everything's happened already, and these posts will sum them up.

    Finally, these are just the major changes. Tons of little fixes happen every day, and it would b…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Greetings, aces! Fandom, our parent service, has begun testing a new page header layout. Acepedia is part of the test! The goal of the project is to modernize the top section, to make it look neater and give it more accessibility and usefulness.

    For more details on the test as well as some previews, check out this blog post on Community Central!

    Fandom will be measuring usage statistics, so give it all a try and see how it works out. As you test out the new header, PLEASE leave your feedback here! User:Springteufel and other Fandom staff will be collecting feedback from all participating wikis, so the more feedback, the better!

    Here's some comparison screenshots to help you out:

    Please leave your comments below for any feedback you have! Fandom…

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  • DoubleDelta One

    aka Ace Combat series, emulation, and you. Hints and tips to get Ace Combat games running on emulators.

    Emulator used: any emulator of choice

    • Most PSX emulator won't have issue running the three PSX titles anyway.

    For Ace Combat 3, take a look at this [1]

    Emulator used: PCSX2 v1.5.0 dev build (aka the latest you can get)

    tl;dr Setup guide video by TugaAvenger [2]

    tl;dw details for each individual games:

    • Player plane texture and explosion effect can't be fixed (yet) in GSDX HW mode, use SW mode
    • Switch to SW mode (press F9) and go back to HW mode (press F9 again) during gameplay to fix the bugged sun effect
    • Set CRC Hack level to "Minimum (Debug)" to fix flickering/disappearing HUD in missions: Lifeline, Operation Bunker Shot (AC04), and Emancipation
    • U…

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  • Ishimura Elite

    So, I can't play Infinity anymore. My match rank is C now, so the game literally won't let me play any matches, when the only way to get it back up is to play. First time, the friggin power surged because I'm on a crappy grid, then I got kicked from a match because the connection dropped, because apparently it's my fault their servers are terrible. Next match worked, then the one after that dropped connection again, and it said "HEY, YOU CAN'T PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU LOST CONNECTION TO THE HOST AND THAT'S YOUR FAULT".

    So now I actually can't play the game anymore. Its been two days now and I hammer the X button on either the NTDM or Online Co-op with room search and it keeps saying "No room was found". Am I just doomed to never be…

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  • Shayanomer

    This is a list of aircraft images currently needed for Ace Combat Infinity.

    Aircraft Icon Flyby Hangar

    ✔ (w/ tail emblem)

    Aircraft Icon Flyby Hangar

    ✔ (Gwiki)

    Aircraft Icon Flyby Hangar
    ✔ (w/ tail emblem)

    Skin Icon Flyby Hangar

    Skin Icon Flyby Hangar

    Skin Icon Flyby Hangar

    Skin Icon Flyby Hangar
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    The moment has finally arrived! 10 years of hard work has brought us what I am so proud to announce: Acepedia now has its own Community App for mobile devices and tablets!

    • Google Play Store
    • Apple App Store

    The Acepedia app is one of the best ways available to browse the wiki and participate in the community. It features integrated support for the new Discussions platform, and its home screen already features the main games that users will be interested in, including a preliminary category for Ace Combat 7.

    If you've browsed Acepedia on a mobile web browser, you should find the experience similar yet much smoother on the app, and using the app bypasses the web browser completely.

    There are definitely some edges that can be smoothed out - the Commu…

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  • Ishimura Elite

    So, I've been playing Infinity for about... uhm... over a year. Since I think April of last year, it says. I love the game to bits. It's one of my favorite games, I play it basically every damn day, it's great, and you should totally get it.


    There are some things about the game that piss me off to no end, so I'm going to complain about them here, because I like to complain and annoy everyone with my complaining until my grievances are addressed. Because I have no life and can't find anything positive in anything.

    Kind of a personal thing rather than an objective thing, but where the hell is my good campaign? Ace Combat games have ALWAYS had amazing campaign stories that are like 30 missions long, but not here! Oh, no, you get a full …

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  • Ishimura Elite

    Hackers in Infinity

    September 22, 2016 by Ishimura Elite

    So, this has become a huge problem, now. I've called this out before but everyone here said there aren't any. There are.

    Naval Team Deathmatch is going on now, and it's now blatantly clear that hackers are around. Missiles do not turn 180 degrees after being shot past you in order to hit you. 5 of the 8 games I've been in this event have had hackers, and of course, when I quit a broken lobby, the game punishes me by saying "hey, you left a game full of hackers! Now you can't play anymore". What a great system in place. The game has zero control over hackers under any circumstances. They just didn't care. They released a notification saying "please stop" to all the hackers and boosters of the game, and that's literally it. Yeah, a whole lot …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Wow... 10 years, everyone. 10 years ago, User:Thunderhead made his first edit on this wiki. That's just absolutely insane; I would venture a guess to say that many wikis on Fandom don't manage to last 10 years. I've only been an administrator here for almost three years, but I am absolutely honored to be able to initiate the celebrations.

    This is going to be a long blog post, but I promise it's worth it :D If you really don't want to read through it, there's a table of contents below :P

    I went digging through Acepedia's edit history a couple of weeks ago, and as it turns out... Thunderhead's first edit (look at how old that Main Page looks, btw) is not the first recorded edit on Acepedia.

    I'm sure some of you are aware that Electrosphere, which…

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  • Scarlet Marines

    Guys, I had a speculation about Task Force 118's other 8 squadrons. It would be necessary to speculate about it, so here it is:

    • Antares and Varcolas Squadrons: Both squadrons were still active when Martinez Security was hired alongside Arrows Air Defense and Security. It's quite possible both squadrons fought together when the USEA Federation rose and participated in Operation Override – Dubai. Varcolac Squadron possibly wants to outdo Reaper so that they can be aces but is always beaten to it by Reaper. Also possible that Andre Olivieri gave up schematics and blueprints of the GAF–1 to Wehrner and David Enterprises likely because of either the USEA Federation or Ulysses. Is likely a friendly rival of Antares Squadron, much like Ridgeback S…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    | media = Digital download }} Ace Combat: Infinite Skies is an upcoming entry in the Ace Combat series. It was revealed through a leak of Ace Combat Infinity data from Update 2.11 on March 31, 2016, and is currently scheduled for a May 30, 2016 release.

    Since Infinite Skies will be releasing prior to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the former will be the first game to release on an , namely the . It will also utilize .

    Infinite Skies is designed to be a continuation of the campaign mode in Ace Combat Infinity, which was left on a cliffhanger after its last mission. It will feature the same first 8 missions as Infinity, but after that the rest of the game will be original content.

    Continuing where Infinity left off, Reaper, Nagase, and Omega have been…

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  • SlyCooperFan1
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Ace Combat Infinity Update 13 has been released! This update, which increases the game version to 2.10 and requires a 1,122 MB download, introduces a new standard aircraft that people have been asking for since 2004 - the ADA-01B ADLER! Fair warning: it costs over 6 million credits to purchase.

    Other aircraft added include the long-awaited F-14B Tomcat and EA-6B Prowler, as well as the brand-new MiG-35D Super Fulcrum. Moscow Battle (HARD) has been implemented, featuring a blinding snowstorm that destroys your visibility, as well as the inevitable Excalibur Onslaught IV with the additional appearance of the Butterfly Master. And finally, "Ring Battle" is a new gameplay mode specific to Team Deathmatch. Minor gameplay changes include an overhau…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    This article contains an English translation of Famitsu's interview with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown producer Kazutoki Kono, most of which was provided on Reddit. Further modifications have been made, particularly when the full interview was published online on December 17.

    Be advised that a large portion of this page was translated via Google Translate. This was not a professional work, and Acepedia users are free to comment on this translation to improve its accuracy.

    Click here for old comments.

    , Producer for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. He was previously Art Director for Ace Combat 04, Director for Ace Combat 5, and Producer for Ace Combat Infinity. He runs Project Aces and the series.]] Famitsu: This will be the 8th numbered game. First, please…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Ace Combat Infinity Update 12 has arrived! This update brings a new Special Raid months in the making, new tournaments and challenges, and more! Read on for the full details!

    For a full list of Infinity update details as presented in-game, see Ace Combat Infinity/Update details!

    Update 12 (also known as Patch 2.09) is now available for download; it takes up 890 MB. The update contains the following confirmed content:

    • 4 New Co-Op Missions
      1. Excalibur Onslaught I
      2. Excalibur Onslaught II
      3. Excalibur Onslaught III
      4. Weapons Base Assault (HARD)
    • 3 New TDM Maps
      1. Dubai Skyscrapers
      2. White Moscow
      3. Avalon Siege
    • 14 New Special Aircraft the preceding reference, 12 new Special Aircraft were added in this update. This means that 2 of these Special Aircraft already had their da…

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  • Generale wareagle

    Hi, I just bought both of the game for my psp... Does anybody still play these two online?

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  • Shayanomer

    Pages Currently Needed

    October 3, 2015 by Shayanomer

    This is a list of pages that have yet to be created.

    • Operation Electric Dream
    • Operation Rescue Goose
    • Battle of Phuku Lagolla Air Base
    • Battle of Base Sallqa
    • Second battle of Base Sallqa

    • For Us All

    • Masato Kanno

    • Akira Yamasaki
    • DJ3no
    • Go Shiina
    • Hitoshi Akiyama
    • Inon Zur
    • Kanako Kakino
    • Kohta Takahashi
    • Maiko Iuchi
    • Noel
    • Ryuichi Takada
    • Seiji Koike
    • ACE COMBAT 5 Chorus Team
    • Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Namco Hometek Choir
    • Yu Manabe
    • Ayumi Sasaki
    • Tadasuke

    • Caranda, Crowne and Halle Beaches
    • Hatties Ravine
    • Nouikotte Bay
    • Suez Canal

    • Saber Squadron

    • Yanov Squadron
    • Zenit Squadron

    • Data Viewer
    • Focus Mode
    • Replay

    • Grendel 1

    • Storyteller Boy's Uncle
    • The Barkeeper
    • Claus Bauer
    • Rita Fry
    • Mikhail Zirov

    • Howard
    • Franklin Goernitz

    • Alan Buckman
    • Wayne O'Neill
    • Andrew Gallagher
    • Ed Alverez
    • Jose Cesar Torres
    • Kenneth Jones
    • Ralp…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Ace Combat Infinity Update 11 is upon us! This is one of the largest updates to the game, including a brand-new aircraft role, a bunch of missions and tournaments, and more functionality updates! Read on for the full details!

    Update 11 is available for download and requires 832 MB of free space.

    The game has completed maintenance and is back online. No further maintenance has been scheduled.

    For a full list of Infinity update details as presented in-game, see Ace Combat Infinity/Update details!

    Update 11 contains the following additional confirmed content:

    • 6 New Standard Aircraft (available on the Aircraft Tree)
      1. A6M5 ZERO (Piston Fighter)
      2. P-38L Lightning (Piston Fighter)
      3. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe (Piston Fighter)
      4. Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 (Piston Fig…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    What in the world is he up to?

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  • Shayanomer
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  • Superflanker777
    The Anean Continental War of 2015

    Part 1 Introduction: In this essay, I'll go over the Emmerian-Estovakian war covered in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. While Ace Combat 6 is another great game in the franchise, the story inside is also another part of the game, while unseen at first, can be dissected and explained. Hence, the essay.

    Part 2 The events preceding the Anean Continental War. In 1999, the Ulysses asteroid was discovered, throwing Strangreal into a turmoil. Many countries attempt to make ready for this apocalyptic event. Stonehenge and Meglith are made on the continent of Usea. The Anean continent has no such defense measures, but Estovakia manufactures the Chandelier rail gun to combat the asteroid. When the asteroid reaches …

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