"Submarine detected by sonobuoy. Sound pattern analysis produces a match with the Scinfaxi."
― Blue Hound[1]

Blue Hound was the callsign of an Osean Maritime Defense Force anti-submarine patrol aircraft that served during the Circum-Pacific War. Although Blue Hound never appears in-game, it was instrumental in the detection and sinking of the Yuktobanian Navy's Scinfaxi submersible carrier in October 2010.


On October 4, 2010, Yuktobania's attempted an invasion of Sand Island Air Force Base. Blue Hound was assigned to patrol the Ceres Ocean west of Sand Island and monitor for submarine activity around the Yuktobanian naval forces. During the engagement, Blue Hound deployed an indeterminate number of sonobuoys into the ocean. At approximately 1012hrs, Blue Hound alerted AWACS Thunderhead that one of its sonobuoys had detected a submarine in the vicinity; analysis of the sound patterns resulted in a confirmed match with the Scinfaxi submersible carrier.[1]

Throughout the engagement, Blue Hound monitored underwater vibrations and alerted friendly aircraft whenever the Scinfaxi launched another burst missile volley. At 1015hrs, the Arkbird maneuverable spacecraft requested a link to Blue Hound's sonobuoy data feed. Blue Hound responded by deploying a new sonobuoy and relaying its data through AWACS Thunderhead to the Arkbird. With this data, the Arkbird was able to locate the Scinfaxi underwater and use its orbital laser to pierce the submersible's hull.[1]


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