"That bomber looks ancient."
Ustian Air Force mercenary

The Bm-335 Lindwurm is a fictional bomber in the Strangereal universe. The Belkan Air Force flew Bm-335s during certain bombing raids in the Belkan War.


Bm-335 Lindwurm Concept Art

Bm-335 concept art, featuring a more contemporary design

The Bm-335 features a distinctive double-cylinder fuselage. The bomber's cockpit is above the fuselage, and a bombing radar named "Nachtigal" is below it. The radar is especially useful for nighttime bombing.[1]

The Bm-335's tail carries a defensive machine gun as well as electronic warfare equipment. The machine gun is remote-controlled from the cockpit[1], and can continue to attack targets even after the bomber is critically damaged.[2]

The Bm-335 was specifically designed to carry nuclear ordnance over large distances.[1] Yet, it is also capable of carrying standard iron bombs.[2]


The Bm-335 made its first flight in 1951. It presumably entered active service in the Belkan Air Force at that time. Since then, it has received many upgrades from its original design. By the 1990s, its bombing capabilities were rarely utilized as the aircraft was mostly used for reconnaissance purposes.[1]

Falling Lindwurm

A JAS-39C Gripen flying over the burning wreckage of a Bm-335

In 1995, with the onset of the Belkan War, the Bm-335 returned to active bomber duties. A squadron of Bm-335s was notably used in the attempted bombing raid on Valais Air Base in Ustio, but all of them were forced to retreat or shot down by Ustio's mercenaries.[2]

On June 6, 1995, the Belkan military ordered the detonation of multiple nuclear devices in an effort to stop the Allied Forces from advancing further. A squadron of Bm-335s took off as part of the effort, supposedly carrying some of the nuclear devices. The entire squadron was shot down from the combined efforts of Galm Team, Crow Team, and Belkan separatists who disagreed with the plan. Despite this, seven nuclear devices detonated in the surrounding areas.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War[]

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.



  • The aircraft takes its name from the German cognate of Lindworm, a term that refers to wingless, bipedal dragons in British heraldry.
  • The radar's name, "Nachtigal", is German for "nightingale".
    • Anne Zweig's callsign, Nachtigall, is an alternate spelling.
  • The Bm-335's concept art features slight differences from the final design. It shows a quadruple tail design and a tipped nose, the latter resembling the Tu-95 Bear.