SlyCooperFan1 wrote:
Amidst the blue skies, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector...
The flames of hatred scorch the skies... Igniting Gaia's funeral pyre.That shows up in the opening of the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies trailer that plays if you don't press anything at the title screen.

About the other thing; Yuktobania is a union of republics, similar to the United Kingdom. The UK has a Prime Minister who controls the armed forces and acts as a Presidential figure. Same with Yuktobania. There is no President of Yuktobania.

I think Yuktobania is more similar to USSR, although a combination of multiple republics, but function like a de facto single entity. To bad Yuktobania also involved into exploiting Principality of Belka during and after Belkan War, thus secured their position on the revenge list produced by Grey Men.

Nico24 wrote:
But i think to we also see that king of message just before begin few missions .

The flames of hatred scorch the skies... Igniting Gaia's funeral pyres .

I know to gaia is a kind of god but what that mean .

Gaia is a greek godness who represents Earth. So the hatred of humankind will burn the planet to its doom, just like the Operation Judgement Day of ACE Combat 04, millions of asteroid fragments falling from heaven bolide-like, as if the sky is crumbling, that is God's rage on humanity's crime. And even at that moment of apocalypse, there are still someone try to wage the final battle against the world, just like those ballastic missiles rising from Stronghold Megalith.

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