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Regal2 wrote: Well, of course. We all know that Blaze X Nagase goes hand in hand. I was also thinking the Storyteller Boy and the Bartender Girl, Yellow 13 and Yellow 4, and (God help me) Janice Rehl and William Bishop from Assault Horizon. I've never actually played Ace Combat 3, so I can't make a guess on Nemo X Fiona or Erich X Rena or any other AC3 relationships. I agree with one of the Wikia Contributors (Thanks for contributing, BTW!) about Shamrock and Hermann, though.

If you didn't ever played, at this point, play it now! because is phenomenal!;D

Well, I heard that Ace Combat 3 has a branched storyline. It seems very interesting. Where can I pick up a copy? I live near Chicago in the USA.
First, download the Japanese version, the exported version was halved, then go on emuparadise, you will find Ace Combat 3 CD1 and CD2, those are the japanese version, play it with ePSXe (the emulator is for PC or for android) hope I was helpful. ;D

Thanks, but...

I use a Mac.

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