I'm on the same way as you, I already have all my beloved aircraft, the Gripen, the Su-35, the T-50, the F-15E, F-16F, and I've got every single top 3000 plane, and all of them are level 8 or higher, which are the F-15S/MTD -Stripes-, Su-34 -Capricorn-, ASF-X -Happy New Year, Su-37 -JL- and in the future the Typhoon -Omega-. Also I got a couple of top 1000 emblems that I truly love, which are the Galm and Antares emblems.

On the other side, I'm not stocking fuel anymore, I'm just playing as long as I have fun, somedays I only play once a day, some days I play 6 sorties or even 20 if I feel like playing a lot. I'm just stocking credits to wait for the standard version of the CFA-44 Nosferatu to come up, buy it, and upgrade it at least to level 5, yea, even if its cost is ridiculously high, I've been waiting for this plane for more than a year to just give up. After that, I'm pretty much done

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