Bobby Fitzgerald is an Emmerian soldier and the leader of Steel Gunners Battalion. He was a very skilled fighter, adept in highly mobile and local engagements, accomplishing each of his missions exactly as planned.[1]


When war with Estovakia broke out, Bobby Fitzgerald was still stationed at Gracemeria and undergoing reserve training. Showing great promise, especially for a reserve soldier, he was promoted to leader of Steel Gunners Battalion.[1]

He would go on to lead his battalion to victory, aiding in the reclamation of Khesed Island. Following the recapture of Khesed, his battalion supported the main force by dealing with isolated enemy units.[1]

In the closing days of the war, during Operation Free Gracemeria, the battalion would aid in recapturing the capital. Their operation was to retake the capitol building in Novusmeria. With support from the Garuda Team and the Emmerian Special Forces, the battalion completed their operation soundly.[2]