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"A formation of enemy bombers is on its way to Vitoze. Take them out."
AWACS Ghost Eye[1]

The bombing of Vitoze was an attempted Estovakian bombing raid on Emmerian forces during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]


Being driven off of the Anean mainland, Emmerian forces retreated to the Brilliante Heights in southwest Khesed Island and stationed themselves at Campagna Airport, near Vitoze.[2]


On November 24, 2015, a group of Estovakian bombers entered Emmerian airspace. In response, Khesed Command dispatched multiple Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons to intercept and the destroy the bombers. The Republic of Emmeria Army would also take part in the defense, utilizing anti-aircraft weapons and providing allied squadrons with Electronic Support Measures from the ground.[1]

Underestimating the capability of the Emmerian military,[3] the Estovakian Air Force sent in an insufficient force and as a result, Emmerian Air Force squadrons were able to successfully shot down each subsequent bomber squadron which approached Vitoze. In the midst of the engagement, Estovakian ace, Mihajlo Mesic was shot down by Emmerian forces.[1]


Due to the efforts of Emmerian squadrons—including Garuda, Windhover and Avalanche—the destruction of Campagna Airport and Vitoze was prevented. This battle would lead the Emmerians to push into Sipli Field three days later.[4]


  • During the mission, allied forces exclaim "you're gonna let them attack the city again!?".
    • Given the time gap between the retreat to Vitoze and the present, it is alluded to that Vitoze was the subject of Estovakian attacks for an extended period of time.


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