Bravado is the 2nd mission of the original Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


Neucom has been using a radar network at the Waiapolo Mountains to disturb General Resource communications. The UPEO decides to intervene in the situation, and dispatches a squadron from its SARF arm to destroy the aforementioned radar base.

Mission briefing

"At twilight this morning, according to our military recon forces, radio jamming originating from a Neucom military base at the Waiapolo Mountains is being performed against a General Resource airway. In order to prevent this illegal action of Neucom's, you must neutralize the jamming radar deployed at the outskirts of the base."

Mission script

[Mission start]

(Minutes after the beginning of the mission, the local jamming network is shut down through airstrikes. The SARF unit later recieves a message from the division's commander.)

UPEO Commander: Operation success confirmed. Now destroy the facilities in the vicinity of the crater.

(The Neucom forward base is razed soon thereafter.)

(Cut scene. The camera follows Nemo and his friends flying in formation.)

Erich: (to Nemo) Alright, alright, don't show off to me!

Fiona: Do you plan to be SARF's ace?

(Screen fades to black.)

[Mission ends]

Mission debriefing

"Due to the operation's success, the safety of the airway has been secured."

Mission overview





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