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Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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Break In is Mission 10B in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.



After the destruction of the Nevera Jammer by Gryphus 1, it is discovered that Leasath had converted many of complexes in the Monte Breeze Industrial Zone into weapons factories. With the Nevera Jammer destroyed, Leasath decides to abandon the operation and rigs the factories with explosives to avoid the advancing Aurelian Forces knowing the intent of the operation. As such, multiple transports from Monte Breeze had arrived in the Aurelian capital of Griswall as the Nevera Jammer was being destroyed. Gryphus Squadron is tasked with the remaining transports.


After the transports are destroyed, the squadron is informed that the Aurelian Liberation Corps are in a train inbound for the factories to steal weapons before moving on the capital, unaware that explosives are rigged in these factories. Gryphus Squadron is then tasked with protecting the Liberation Corps by destroying the factories and explosives before they get too close. Afterwards, it is revealed that the destroyed transports were carrying MBSRs (Meson Beam Stabilizing Regulator) and that multiple units had already been delivered to Griswall's Atmos Ring.


Gryphus One must shoot down 4 XC-01s carrying MBSRs before they leave combat airspace. After that, the squadron will be alerted of the Aurelian Liberation Corps' presence heading towards enemy facilities, unaware that they have been rigged with explosives. All mines and facilities must be destroyed before the ALC reaches them.


The S-Rank is achieved with the destruction of all targets ( including non-TGT targets)

Ace Unit

F-16XL- Biel : Spawns to the North-East of the map after the mission update

Star Unit

Container Ship : Spawns at the docks after the mission update. the Caudal Engine will be available for purchase for destroying this unit

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