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Brett Thompson (ブレット·トンプソン Buretto Tonpuson) is an Osean interviewer working for the Osean Broadcasting Corporation, like Albert Gennette. He is most famous for his role as a narrator of the events of Ace Combat Zero alongside the Belkan War veteran Larry Foulke. He (Brett) wanted to learn the true meaning of war and why the Belkans had spread among the world. So he began traveling across the planet, and found out information from the legendary mercenary squadron, Galm. He interviewed many former pilots of the Belkan War & ex-members of A World With No Boundaries, the Belkan Air Force, UAF, Sapin Air Force, the OADF, and the YAF. He traveled to different countries and cities like Oured, Cinigrad, Jackson Hill, Gran Rugido, Holtz, Dinsmark, and Delarus to find information.


The story by reporter is in fact a documentary for the OBC that came as a special for ten years since the Belkan War titled "Warriors and the Belkan War" (this is found in the ending credits of the game) this is the reason why in each interview the pilots have the posture that they are looking into something,especially in the case of Solo Wing when in the end of the game when he asks if Cipher will watch this video and looks straight at into the camera lens and says his catchphrase, "Yo buddy, you still alive?".

Also worth noting, he made a mention of some "old friends in the military", indicating that either he had connection to several intelligence officers in the Osean Military and/or he was formerly conscripted in the Osean Military and had left the service; this explains how he was easily able to gather information regarding ace pilots who potentially knew Cipher and had fought him in the war.

Notable interviewees

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