Brett Thompson (ブレット・トンプソン Buretto Tonpuson) was an Osean reporter, interviewer, and documentarian employed by the Osean Broadcasting Corporation. He was responsible for conducting the interviews and researching the historical information presented in his 2005 documentary entitled Warriors and the Belkan War.


Sometime prior to 2005, Thompson became employed by the OBC. At some point, Thompson began working on a documentary to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Belkan War. During his initial research, Thompson discovered a peculiar similarity among the various records and unclassified documents he gathered: there were repeated mentions of a certain mercenary pilot, all followed by the codeword "Demon". However, the records were incomplete, compelling Thompson to investigate further.[1]

Sensing there was more to the story than the records disclosed, Thompson decided that his documentary would focus on the history of the Belkan War through this mysterious mercenary. Despite his efforts, Thompson was unable to locate the mercenary himself and admitted that he may have never actually existed. Instead, Thompson used his contacts in the Osean Defense Forces to locate and interview pilots who served in the war and could attest to the mercenary's skills.[1]

From September through November, Thompson traveled to various countries—including Belka, Ustio, Sapin, Osea, and Yuktobania—and conducted interviews with the retired airmen. It is unknown if Thompson worked alone or was accompanied by a film crew during the course of his travels. His final product, entitled Warriors and the Belkan War, debuted on the OBC in late 2005.[1]


  • At one point, Thompson mentions that he has "old friends in the [Osean] military"; this implies that Thompson was either previously enlisted in the Osean Defense Forces or simply acquainted with several Osean intelligence officers.


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