Bright Hill is the personal residence and workplace of the President of the Osean Federation, located in Osea's capital, Oured.


Circum-Pacific War[]

On December 30, 2010, at 2200hrs, President Vincent Harling held a joint press conference with Yuktobanian Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor at Bright Hill. During the live televised address, Harling and Nikanor addressed the citizens and military personnel of both Osea and Yuktobania, announcing that the Circum-Pacific War had ended and urging reconciliation between the two countries. During the speech, the two world leaders symbolically stood should-to-shoulder in solidarity.[3]

Harling concluded the address with the startling revelation that the war had been instigated by a then-unspecified group, which was planning to use a weapon of mass destruction that could annihilate half of all major metropolitan areas in either Osea and Yuktobania. Nikanor stressed that the loss of life, regardless of which nation suffered it, would be a tremendous blow to all. He and Harling urged their armed forces to cast aside their differences and support a group of "brave pilots" who were "flying east to meet the enemy."[3]

The leaders' words compelled most of the Yuktobanian and Osean soldiers on the battlefield to doubt their military superiors, which fulminated in the beginning a new alliance between the former enemies. Gradually, a small coalition force of Oseans and Yuktobanians joined up with Razgriz Squadron and helped attack the Gründer Industries facility beneath Sudentor, North Osea.[4]

Lighthouse War[]

Following the Kingdom of Erusea's declaration of war and the subsequent attacks on several Osean naval ports, the Executive Office declared a national state of emergency, ordering all armed forces, along with the IUN-PKF, to launch a counterattack.[5]


  • Bright Hill is the counterpart to the United States President's residence, the White House.
  • Its design, as shown in a news report, also resembles the Malacañang Palace, which is the home of the Philippine president and is located in Manila.
  • Bright Hill's name alludes to a 17th-century sermon from Puritan leader John Winthrop, who stated the New World (America) would become a shining "city upon a hill", watched by all the world. During the leaders' address, which is watched around the world, Nikanor also states that those who "hide behind ... hateful weapons" must "bring [themselves] before the light of peace and harmony."[3]