"Not a girl who'd retreat. Just not in her DNA."
Knocker on Brownie

Brownie was an IUN-PKF fighter pilot and a member of Golem Squadron. She considered Trigger of the Mage Squadron as her rival as she wanted to be recognized by the squadron leader, Knocker.[1]


During the Lighthouse War, Brownie took part in various operations as a member of the IUN-PKF's Golem Squadron. She assisted in shooting down Erusean Air Force bombers over Fort Grays Island and halted the advance of Erusea forces in Scofields Plateau.[2][3]

During Operation Dual Wielder, she was hit by an MQ-101 over the Chopinburg Rainforest, where she was ordered to retreat with Gargoyle 1 but was pursued by Mihaly A. Shilage. Mihaly engaged Brownie in a dogfight after shooting down Gargoyle 1, where she was ultimately shot down and killed.[4]

Following her death, she was replaced by Faun.[5]



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