Bug Hunt is the 13th mission of the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, and the 5th mission along the UPEO (III) story arc.


An emergency has arisen at a Neucom technology lab! Large amounts of experimental nano-bites, deployed for construction work, have gone on a rampage for reasons unknown. They are multiplying at an alarming rate. They must be dealt with immediately, but nano-bites are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. Use your radar and drop the ANB nano-bite neutralizers - exterminate them. [1]



The mission's primary targets are numerous groups of nano-bytes located around the forest. These can only be destroyed by using the ANB.

Mission Update

Once all of the targets have been destroyed, Rena's mind will begin to be taken over by the nano-bytes, and the player must successfully hit her plane with an ANB to end the mission.

Enemy List

Section Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-GroundTGT.svg NANOBITE 24
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg Su-37 1


A Rank

Earning an A Rank on this mission requires that the player complete the mission within 4 minutes and 30 seconds.[2]


Thanks to your efforts, we were able to hold back the rampage of Neucom's nano-bites.[1]


  • Bug Hunt is notable for being the first moment in the series where the player is required to drop a bomb on an aircraft, as well as the only occasion where it is actually necessary.
  • The replay that played after this mission is only when the player drop a bomb on an aircraft.


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