Bulgurdarest, also known as Borgo dell'Est, is a nation located on the eastern region of the Usean continent. The nation has close ties to the Osean Federation.[1]


Usean coup d'état (1997-1998)

During the Usean coup d'état, Bulgurdarest remained neutral to Osean presence on the continent. It fell when hardliners of the Usean Rebel Forces launched an uprising across the continent.[2] The country was liberated by the end of the coup d'etat.

Continental War (2003-2005)

Bulgurdarest was a member of the Independent State Allied Forces in 2003, after Erusea launched an unprovoked invasion of San Salvacion. However, the country soon became occupied by Erusea after the latter conquered the entire continent. It was liberated in mid-2005 by ISAF.[3]

Lighthouse War (2019)

AC7 Bulgurdarest Wall

The wall surrounding Bulgurdarest

During the Lighthouse War, the nation maintained close ties to Osea, but built a wall along the border as the country had declared its independence on all nations. It provided refuge to Colonel D. McKinsey after Operation Full House. However, it did not directly engage with Erusean forces in order to maintain an uneasy peace. Despite this, Erusean inflitrators attempted to find an opening in the country's defenses for a possible invasion.[1]



  • Both the briefing and loading screens of Transfer Orders spell "Bulgurdarest" as "Borgo dell'Est".
    • "Borgo dell'Est", which is Italian for "Village of the East", matches the country's location in eastern Usea.
  • Bulgurdarest's airfield is based on Sliač Airport, Slovakia.


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