Burst missiles are a type of long-range ballistic missile produced in the Strangereal world. The weapon derives its name from the method of detonation, where it usually splits into multiple warheads, each detonating in a massive ballistic explosion in mid-air, destroying anything in a 2,500 ft. radius.


Development by Yuktobania

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The concept of burst missiles was first conceived in the 1980s during the Cold War, being born as a result of Yuktobania's development of ballistic missile technology.
Burst Missile Impact

Missile Impact During The Mission Rendezvous

In Game Burst Missile

Missile Impact During The Mission Demons of Razgriz

Burst missiles were originally created as an improvement over existing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) of the period. Their warheads were first field-tested by the Yuktobanian army in 1991. Some missiles were later loaded into the Scinfaxi submersible aircraft carrier.

Burst missiles were first deployed in combat during the Circum-Pacific War in late 2010. They were first deployed by the Scinfaxi during an operation in September 30 to stop the surviving Osean Maritime Defense Force carriers as they crossed the Eaglin Straits, destroying nearly the entire Osean force in the process. Later on, during the amphibious invasion of Sand Island, it launched several missiles to attack the defending Osean air units. Most of the missiles either detonated successfully or were destroyed by the Arkbird, while the rest were lost when the submarine fell to the attacks of the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

The last use of burst missiles in the war occurred on November 14, when the Hrimfaxi, the Scinfaxi's lower-cost relative, staged missile attacks from the Razgriz Straits in northern Estovakia to stop a large scale offensive of the Osean army. The attacks were stopped by the Wardog Squadron after a fierce battle with the submarine, which ended in its destruction and the loss of all remaining burst missiles within it.

Development in the Belkan Federation

The development of burst missiles also took place within the Belkan Federation, although in a lesser scale compared to Yuktobania. Codenamed "Hypersthene", they were ballistic missiles designed to be carried by the ADFX-02 Morgan prototype fighter.

Design characteristics

There are only two known defenses against a burst missile attack: destroy the warheads before they detonate, or evasive maneuvers. When burst missiles are fired at ground targets, air units can maintain an altitude of above 5,000 feet to avoid the missiles. Ships can attempt evasive maneuvers, but are not always successful.

The only known method of destroying the warheads before detonation was deployed by the Arkbird. A separate unit, such as an AWACS or an anti-submarine plane, must lock on to the missile when it is fired. From there, a data link must be sent to the Arkbird. Once the Arkbird receives the missile trajectory, it can fire its laser at an angle where the missile will have to cross. The missile, and the warheads, are then vaporized by the laser. However, with the destruction of the Arkbird by the Razgriz Squadron, it is unknown if any country has the means to destroy the missile or its warheads.


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