The C-5 Galaxy is one of the largest aircraft in the world. It can carry outsize and oversize cargo intercontinental ranges and can take off or land in relatively short distances. Ground crews can load and off load the C-5 simultaneously at the front and rear cargo openings.

Air Combat

The C-5 Galaxy is the game's only transport aircraft. It is first featured in "Destroy Enemy Supply Lines", where a squadron of four transports is featured as the main targets, and a single aircraft is later seen in "Fighter Superiority". The aircraft is prominently featured in the mission "VIP Recovery Mission", where the player must escort a government C-5 as it lands in a mountain airfield to extricate a vital officer.

Ace Combat 2

The C-5 Galaxy is initially featured in mission #5, "Greased Lightning", where a single one is parked at the enemy base in the end of the level, which will lead the player to the mission "Bear Tracks" if it is destroyed, and later again in #14B, "Dark Star", where a formation of five Galaxies appears as the mission target.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

The C-5B Galaxy is a transport aircraft used by the Osean Air Defense Force and the Yuktobanian Air Force. It is first featured in mission #08, "Handful of Hope", where the player must guide the OADF Mother Goose One. It is later featured in "Blind Spot", "Chain Reaction" or "Four Horsemen", "Desert Lightning" and "Solitaire". The C-5 is also featured as a target in Arcade Mode, fielded by Free Erusea.

An interesting note is that there are two variants depicted in-game, though both of them are the same. The C-5A is depicted in missions 10,11A, and 12B, and as a critical ally in mission 8, but in mission 16B, 21 and the Arcade Mode, C-5Bs are depicted instead.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

The C-5B Galaxy is one of the transport aircraft used by the Leasath Air Force. A group of Galaxies are parked at Puna Base in "Out of the Fire", and two C-5s appear as star units in "Captive City" and "Joint Operation".

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

In Ace Combat: Joint Assault, the C-5B Galaxy is operated by the Valahia. A single C-5 is featured as the "ace" unit in mission #09, callsign "Gizmo".


  • The C-5s in Operation Katina possess an unusually high damage threshold, being able to take sustained gunfire and repeated missile impacts before suffering any considerable damage. They are tied with the rockbed in the main game's mission "Closure" as the most damage-reseilent targets in the Ace Combat series. However, a single TLS touch from an ADF-01A/F FALKEN is sufficient to shoot it out of the sky.
  • The YAF (Yuktobanian Air Force) C-5 are painted with the American European One camouflage used during the Cold War on C-5 planes operating in Europe and also on some A-10 Thunderbolt IIs before Operation: Desert Storm.
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