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The CV-04 Fort Grace (see § Name) was a Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier and flagship of the Federation of Central Usea's 6th Fleet.[1] It is the only known named ISAF aircraft carrier to serve in the Continental War.


Ulysses 1994XF04 announcement

In the wake of FCU President Robert Sinclair's announcement regarding the threat of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid, all FCU military forces stationed overseas were recalled to the Federation's home territory. The Fort Grace, accompanied by the Aegis cruiser Tea Time, passed through Payton Channel and returned to its home port of Waosun as ordered.[1]

Continental War

When post-Ulysses tensions escalated between the FCU and Erusea in summer 2003, the Fort Grace became part of the newly formed ISAF coalition navy. Following the ISAF's withdrawal from the Usean mainland, the Fort Grace and other ISAF aircraft carriers compensated for the lack of airfields by serving as launching points for ISAF air operations. When Erusean bombers threatened the ISAF's GHQ at North Point, multiple pilots took off from the Fort Grace to intercept the hostile aircraft.[2]


  • The full name of the aircraft carrier—CV-04 Fort Grace—has never been explicitly mentioned. This name was created by the community sometime by 2010 in two ways:
    • The Fort Grace is specifically named in Usea Today: Asteroid on Collision Course With Earth! as the flagship aircraft carrier of the FCU's 6th Fleet.
    • Mobius 1 takes off from an aircraft carrier that has a large "04" painted on its flight deck.[2] In the United States Navy, "CV" is used as the prefix for aircraft carriers; for example, an aircraft carrier with the number 04 would be designated "CV-04".
    • The possibility does exist that the CV-04 and the Fort Grace are two entirely different aircraft carriers.
  • Fort Grace is likely to be a misspelling of Fort Grays, a location in Usea. This is due to the fact that many Usean carriers (e.g. White Valley) are named after locations.
  • The texture of the Fort Grace was re-used for an Aurelian aircraft carrier in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.[3]


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