For the plane piloted by the Butterfly Master, see QFA-44 Carmilla.

"Come on little birdy. Care to dance?"
― Camilla to Phoenix

Camilla Almeida was the leader of the Cocoon Squadron during the Usean coup d'état. She engaged the Scarface Squadron at Skully Islands during the rebels' retreat.[1]


Almeida joined the Usean Rebel Forces at the beginning of the Usean coup d'état as she was frustrated with the Allied Forces' treatment of soldiers.[2]

On July 7, 1998, her squadron was deployed with the Usean 2nd Fleet to the Skully Islands in order to weaken the Allied Forces' military. They later encountered the Scarface Squadron over the area. After the fleet's destruction, the squadron retreated after a first encounter with Scarface Squadron when a Zone of Endless aircraft had entered the area to engage the latter. When the red aircraft retreated due to taking heavy damage, Cocoon Squadron returned for a second and final encounter. Camilla and her entire squadron were shot down. Her fate after the event remains ambiguous.[3]


She was well-respected among veteran ship-board pilots and was a true heroine.[4] She was always referred to by her squadron members as "my lady".[2]

She had the charisma of a queen and commands respect from nearly everyone, not only her subordinates.[2]

She was a fan of animals and owned several dogs that she saved from shelters. She also trained them to join her on hunts as hunting dogs.[2]