Cavalry is a 16th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the 3rd mission in Operation "B"ELLISSIMA. Another 16th mission, Electric Dreams, can be unlocked if the B-2s in the Dead End mission are destroyed.


Emergency! We have just received an urgent request to rescue a reconnaissance plane belonging to our intelligence division, shot down by the enemy while it was on mission. Our recovery unit is already on its way to rescue the crew, but the enemy is also sending a ground unit and an air-fighter unit. They want to retrieve our secret military codes on board the crashed reconnaissance plane. Take off immediately, and be sure to guard our recovery unit as well as attacking the enemy's ground unit.

Target: The enemy's air-fighter and ground units

Our operation will fail if our recovery unit is unsuccessful or if the enemy ground unit reaches our reconnaissance plane first. Check out the situation and respond accordingly! Good luck!



  • 5 x Vehicle




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