Cavalry is the sixteenth mission in Ace Combat 2. It is also the third mission of the Operation "B"ELLISSIMA branch.


Emergency! We have just received an urgent request to rescue a reconnaissance plane belonging to our intelligence division, shot down by the enemy while it was on mission. Our recovery unit is already on its way to rescue the crew, but the enemy is also sending a ground unit and an air-fighter unit. They want to retrieve our secret military codes on board the crashed reconnaissance plane. Take off immediately, and be sure to guard our recovery unit as well as attacking the enemy's ground unit.

Target: The enemy's air-fighter and ground units

Our operation will fail if our recovery unit is unsuccessful or if the enemy ground unit reaches our reconnaissance plane first. Check out the situation and respond accordingly! Good luck!


The player has to protect two sets of targets in this mission: a downed allied E-767 in the middle of the map, and a group of allied ground vehicles heading for the E-767 from the east. At the same time, the enemy also sends out ground units in attempt to reach the E-767 before allied ground vehicles do, as well as a number of aircraft to destroy them. The player should prioritize engaging any TGT that pose a greater threat to either allied units. Note that the enemy ground vehicles, despite all being labelled as "TANK", are capable of attacking the player aircraft.

The mission will fail if all five allied ground vehicles are destroyed by enemy air units, or if the enemy ground units reach the allied E-767. On the other hand, the player can complete the mission by destroying all TGT, or by allowing enough time to elapse for the ground vehicles to reach the downed E-767.

Enemy Lists[]

Standard Units[]

Unit Credits Count Other Notes
Icon-AirTGT MiL-24 2,000 6
Icon-AirTGT Su-25 5,250 4
Icon-GroundTGT TANK 1,000 4 Easy difficulty only[note 1]
5 Normal & Hard difficulties only[note 1]
Icon-GroundTGT TANK 2,000 1 Easy difficulty only[note 2]
2 Normal & Hard difficulties only[note 2]
Icon-AirEnemy MiG-31 8,000 4


  • Completion reward: 50,000 credits



  1. 1.0 1.1 These ground targets are labelled "M1A1" in the mission briefing.
  2. 2.0 2.1 These ground targets are labelled "ADATS" in the mission briefing.