"The landing site is just ahead. Keep going!"
― Red Bear Leader

Cavalry is the eighteenth campaign mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must defend Red Bear Squadron and Cassiopea from all enemy forces.


Ulrich Olsen: Listen up, this is your next mission. We will now commence a large-scale invasion on the Rebels' temporary capital, Saint Ark. Allied ground, sea, and air forces will be divided into Operation Alphaville and Operation Bellissima, where we will capture Rebel bases in each region and secure a path to Saint Ark. Scarface Squadron, you are to join Operation Bellissima as the advance force. Our mission objective is the rescue of Allied pilots who made a crash landing. Cassiopea is a spy plane that was monitoring enemy communications. It has been shot down in the Sandbury Desert. Allied Forces have already dispatched a rescue squad, but Rebels are en route to the downed aircraft. Scarface Squadron, you will be providing cover for the rescue squad, Red Bear, and the fallen Cassiopea, as well as taking out enemy forces. Because you will be protecting two separate objectives at once, you will need to make very accurate moves out there. It's going to be one tough mission, but I know you can do it. Operation Bellissima must succeed. Good luck, Scarface Squadron.[1]


The mission's primary objective is to defend both Red Bear and Cassiopea from all enemy forces and destroy all TGTs. If either unit is destroyed, the mission ends in failure.

The enemy TGTs arrive in waves. Each wave must be destroyed for the next wave to spawn. The mission is accomplished when all TGTs are destroyed.

Enemy List[]

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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S Rank[]

Finish the mission with 6820 points or more.


Olsen: All crew members of the downed aircraft have been brought to safety. Some of them may have sustained injuries, but nothing life-threatening. Mission was a success. The crew members of Cassiopea held vital information in regards to the enemy base. Our next mission will be destroying that very base. Phoenix, I just got a message from Red Bear Leader. Shall I read it? It says, "Dear Phoenix, Jessica and I, and the rest of the Allied Forces thank you for your efforts, and consider you to be the guardian that will lead us to victory." [1]