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The FCU (believed to stand for Federation of Central Usea or Federation of Continental Usea) was the main power on the Usean Continent, before the Usean Continental War and their induction/evolution into the body of the Independent State Allied Forces in 2003.

History (1994 - 2003)

Sunday, April 21, 1996 copy of the Usea Today newspaper page, about the Ulysses crisis's developments early on.

In 1994 the Independent Union of Astronomers (IUA) had sighted a large asteroid on a collision course for earth. They quickly contacted the FCU and the National Missile Defense Agency and called an emergency meeting. After multiple meetings it was decided that a super weapon was to be made on the Usean continent for the purpose of destroying the asteroid, known as the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid. The best scientists were gathered from around the planet. However, hostilities with a nation located on the far western peninsula had began to arise.

Hostilities between the FCU and Erusea had just recently began to flare and with the incoming threat of the Ulysses, the FCU had decided to avoid conflict and pull out of neighboring Amber and Ugellas and fell back into their own territory.

During the construction of the Stonehenge Turret Network (STN), a Usean Rebellion had broken out across the continent. This coup force was attempting to over throw the entire continent. Though the Special Tactical Fighter Squadron (STFS) "Scarface" was dispatched and able to destroy the rebellion, the FCU was partially set-back. However, the super weapon known as Stonehenge was completed and prepared for the Ulysses. However, with further discovery, the FCU would use Stonehenge to only protect its allied nations and itself, because of the strong possibility that the Ulysses would break into multiple pieces.

As the Ulysses passed the Roche Limit in space, it had suddenly dispersed into more than a thousand pieces. As the fragments began to shower down upon the planet, Stonehenge began to engage the larger fragments which were capable of effecting the planet's overall state or capable of mass destruction. By the end of the initial two weeks of bombardment, over 500,000 people had died across the Usean continent alone. The cost of the damages had equaled 18 months of the total GDP for the Usean continent.

The FCU and other nations began to take in their portion of the 1,000,000 Usean refugees, left behind from the Ulysses, but encountered trouble. Erusea, the nation on the western peninsula of the Usean continent, refused to take in anymore refugees. Erusea began to improperly handle refugees after this and nations on the continent began to boycott Erusean goods. Erusea suddenly sent it's military into San Salvacion and not only occupied the entire nation, but also took Stonehenge.

FCU President Robert Sinclair called for an immediate Erusean withdraw from San Salvacion and the return of Stonehenge and any personnel which were at the facility during its takeover. The deadline for Erusea to comply was September 14 of 2003. If not met by that time, FCU forces which were already gathering around San Salvacion would sanction an attack. President Sinclair later announced the formation of the Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF). This defensive organization would combine the forces of twelve, later sixteen, nations to make a coalition force. Since then, the FCU has been a part of the ISAF.

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