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The Central Usea Treaty Organization (UTO) was an intergovernmental organization based in central Usea. It was comprised of nations from the region to promote economic and political cooperation across the Usean continent.


The Ulysses crisis[]

After the announcement of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid's impending impact was made by FCU President Robert Sinclair in April 1996, the UTO meet with FCU representatives at an emergency assembly during which various proposals were made to combat the threat of Ulysses. One such system was the National Missile Defense project, intended to destroy the asteroid with surface-to-space missile attacks.[1] The UTO ultimately decided to construct Stonehenge to protect Usea against Ulysses.[2] The STN project was funded by contributions from UTO-member states.

Escalating tensions with Erusea[]

Following the events of the Ulysses disaster, thousands of Usean civilians were killed and a million more were displaced as refugees. In response to the humanitarian crisis, the UTO member nations launched an initiative to relocate these citizens by each admitting a certain percentage of the refugee population. Recovery efforts slowly progressed, until April 2000, when the Federal Republic of Erusea announced that it would be closing its borders and denying entry to all foreign refugees.[3]

Pre-Ulysses tensions between the UTO and Erusea had been high: the FCU, a large contributor to the UTO's coalition forces, had already positioned troops along the Amber-Ugellas border in a tense stand-off with Erusean forces.[4] Following Erusea's decision to seal its borders (see: Usean Refugee Dispute), the UTO levied trade embargoes against Erusean exports, placing considerable pressure on Erusea's unstable economy.[3]

On August 23, 2003, Erusea launched a surprise invasion of San Salvacion and Stonehenge. Erusea informed the UTO that the coalition forces and support crews stationed at Stonehenge were being held "under protection" by Erusean troops. The FCU demanded an immediate withdrawal from San Salvacion and Stonehenge under threat of military retaliation.[5]

Formation of ISAF[]

When it became apparent that Erusea would not withdraw before the FCU's September 14 deadline, the FCU and other UTO-member nations allied themselves to form the Independent State Allied Forces[6]; the ISAF planned to use its combined military strength to oppose Erusean brinkmanship. ISAF soon after declared war on Erusea and was attacked by Erusean forces (backed by Stonehenge) at the ISAF's Istas Fortress GHQ.[7]