"Cerberus Team runway clearance granted. Takeoff when ready."
― Gracemeria Base Controller[1]

Cerberus Team was a Republic of Emmeria Air Force fighter squadron stationed at Gracemeria Air Force Base.[1]

Their team is only mentioned once by name throughout the entirety Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation's campaign and for this reason, their fate is unknown.[1]


When Estovakia launched their invasion of Gracemeria, the Emmerian Air Force scrambled all available fighters to defend the city. Among those squadrons was Cerberus Team, who helped in almost driving the Estovakian forces out of Gracemeria.[2]

It is unclear whether they managed to escape Gracemeria and retreat to either Khesed Island or Silvat Town, or if they were one of the many to be shot down by Nimbus missiles during the battle.


  • Cerberus Team gets its name from the monstrous three-headed dog found in Greek mythology.