"I'm not flyin' in there to help out some assholes I don't know shit about!"
― Champ[1]

Champ was an Osean Air Defense Force fighter pilot who flew as part of the 444th Fighter Squadron, Spare Squadron.

He seems to be very self-centred and shows little care for those around him.[1] During dogfights, he forgets about himself and ignores orders. He fires randomly as blood rises to his head, often being ridiculed as a chump.[2]


On July 1, 2019, Champ distracted Erusean forces as they attempted to level the 444th Air Base.[3] On July 4, he participated in Operation One Pair and assisted in crippling the Erusean base located in Roca Roja.[4]

During Operation Two Pairs on July 12, 2019, Spare Squadron was sent in to help allied squadrons Cyclops and Strider break away from the airspace after they came under attack from Erusean MQ-99s. With the help of Trigger, the allied squadrons got out safely. However, after completing the operation, Champ was engaged by an Su-30SM piloted by Mihaly. He proceeded to dogfight with the pilot, ignoring orders from Bandog, and was quickly shot down.[1]


Champ was the most aggressive and defiant pilot in Spare Squadron and often disobeyed orders. He was repeatedly thrown into solitary due to his rebellious nature and his outward aggression towards Bandog and the other penal officers, which ultimately led to his death by refusing to disengage.[1] While he disliked being a prisoner, Champ enjoyed flying and aerial combat, energetically yelling "My blood's boiling!" when engaged with an enemy unit.[3]



Spare 8 Champ

Champ's Super Hornet