The Chandelier (シャンデリア Shanderia) was a large railgun built by the Federal Republic of Estovakia. It is one of the many weapons of mass destruction built to protect Earth from the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid.


The Chandelier's development began some time in the 1990s, years prior to the planetfall of Ulysses, parallel to the Stonehenge Turret Network and Megalith built in the Usean Continent. Chandelier was still in development in mid-1999, when the Ulysses asteroid passed through the Earth's Roche limit. The continents of Usea and Anea suffered widespread damage thanks to the fragments of Ulysses; in particular, Estovakia's infrastructure suffered a devastating blow, leaving many cities in ruins, crippling the national economy and plunging the entire country into a bloody civil war that lasted for years.

The neighboring nation of Emmeria provided humanitarian relief to the devastated Estovakia, however many of the supplies were misappropriated by The Generals, the military junta that served as Estovakia's de facto head of state. The Generals, having reunited Estovakia. began spreading false propaganda about Emmeria, claiming them to be part of Estovakia's deplorable state, eventually leading them to invade the capital of Gracemeria in August 2015, thus starting the Anean Continental War.

Some time during the ending states of the war, Estovakia hastily resumed the construction of the Chandelier.

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On March 31, 2016, celebrations were held across Gracemeria to commemorate the end of the war as peace talks were held between the Emmerian and Estovakian heads of state. In the middle of the celebrations, the capital suffered an unexpected attack by the Chandelier. The Emmerian forces managed to intercept the weapon's payload before any major damage to the city was caused, as well as force the survivors of the attacking Estovakian aircraft to retreat.

A day later, on April 1, a large contingent of Emmerian Air Force aircraft launched on a sortie towards Sonne Island, an arctic region located in northern Estovakia, their mission being to investigate the Chandelier, which they believed was an abandoned missile facility. On their way to the Chandelier, the pilots received a radio transmission from Gracemerian citizen Melissa Herman, who had acquired information regarding the railgun's infrastructure thanks to Victor Voychek, the former leader of the elite Strigon Team. As they approached the facility, the Chandelier fired a missile canister at Gracemeria, narrowly missing the Emmerian aircraft, starting the closing battle of the war. The Garuda Squadron braved their way through the island's defense perimeter, destroying the Chandelier's cooling systems as they went.

After all cooling generators are destroyed, a final system was discovered, this time within Chandelier itself. Still shocked after discovering the death of his family, Marcus Lampert, Garuda Team's number two, flew into the facility's insides to gain information on the generator, taking severe damage from the structure's defense weapons in the way in, after which his aircraft came to grief, disappearing from radar.

Thanks to Shamrock's sacrifice, his flight leader Talisman flew into Chandelier's missile transport area, destroying the final cooling generator before fleeing through a hole in the railgun's rear area. Several seconds afterwards, the Chandelier's barrel opened as the weapon prepared to fire one final shot at Gracemeria. Garuda 1 flew into the railgun's barrel and destroyed its main core, escaping the weapon before a massive explosion shook the Chandelier, bringing down its support pillars and causing the entire barrel to shatter and collapse, marking the end of the war.


Chandelier is a massive railgun. Due to its hasty construction, the weapon's barrel is supported by massive pillars, which support its bulk. Built on a large glacier, it is outfitted with several cooling systems strewn across its body, each of which are protected by a solid steel plating that must be destroyed before attacking the cooling unit itself.

The weapon fires Stauros chute, special shells loaded with large cruise missiles which break apart upon reaching their target, releasing their payload. The chutes are loaded on a conveyor system located beneath the Chandelier's barrel, which then transports them into the inner area of the weapon, being loaded into the barrel afterwards.


  • The Chandelier is the largest railgun of the Ace Combat series.
  • It is possible for the player to be killed by the Chandelier when it fires its charged shot at the end of the final mission. This, however, will cause extreme stress to the Xbox 360, often slowing it down to a crawl.
  • The Chandelier's design is reused by the Balaur railgun featured in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.
  • In the end part of the mission (where you have to fly through the barrel) is a reference to the SOLG 's internal way of destroying it, because both ways are nearly identical in how you destroy the respective superweapons. It is also very similar to the way you destroy Megalith in Ace Combat 04.


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