This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Deer Horn.

Charge Assault is the first campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The player takes off and engages enemy bombers over Fort Grays Island.


Is everyone here? Settle down. I said settle down!

You have all been instrumental in helping to maintain peace in Usea as members of the International Union Peacekeeping Force. Until today.

Earlier, our radar site informed us that a group of unidentified aircraft was approaching. Communications systems went down immediately afterwards. We are led to conclude that they have attacked the site. Here's your mission. It's possible that the Usean ceasefire agreement has been broken for the first time in over a decade. As of today, the Fort Grays Air Base Squadron of the IUPF has been put on high alert. All members who have been ordered to sortie, fly there immediately. Find the unidentified craft, then use your weapons to round them up and force them to land. If the hostiles counterattack, then you will...

What the hell was that?!

There's smoke!

We're under attack! Numerous unidentified aircraft confirmed overhead!

What?! How is that possible?!

The tank farm to the north has been bombed!

Many injured!

Scramble! All units, take off and eliminate the unidentified craft attacking the base! This is not a drill!


The player's only objective in the mission is to shoot down all Tu-95 Bear and Tu-160 Blackjack bombers. The bombers are marked as TGT and are located throughout the map. Each one is positioned in a way to help the player learn the basics of combat through a tutorial presented by on-screen text and other characters. The bombers are also defended by MiG-21bis Fishbeds, but these are non-critical to the mission.

The mission is completed once the player shoots down all bombers.

Enemy Lists

Standard Units

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT TU-95 1,000 9
Icon-AirTGT TU-160 1,200 1
Icon-AirEnemy MIG-21 220 13

Special Unit

Unit Points Notes
Icon-AirEnemy MIG-21 "PYRO" 1,000 [note 1]


We are currently assessing the damage to the base. We have confirmed that the aircraft carrier Albatross was sunk. We know the attacking bogeys were from Erusea. International Union Peacekeeping Force bases all over the Usean continent were attacked in the same way. The damage is severe. Many wars are lost by failing to recover from the opening blows. That means successfully retaliating was very important. You may have turned the tides of battle here. You have our thanks.

S Rank

Earning an S Rank on this mission requires earning a combined score and time bonus of 20,500 points or more.

The maximum time bonus available is 10,230 for completing the mission in a total of 4 minutes and 50 seconds or less. This includes time spent retrying from the checkpoint. If the player can complete the mission in that amount of time, they only need 10,270 points from destroying targets in the mission itself to earn the S Rank.

If the player goes past the 4 minutes and 50 seconds threshold, the time bonus decreases by 30 points every second, so the player must compensate by destroying more targets to hit the 20,500 point threshold.


  • At the beginning of the operation, multiple vehicles can be seen deploying in response to the attack. These vehicles do not despawn; rather, they have unique destinations that they will move to during the course of the mission. For example, two CH-47 helicopters that are seen taking off will move to a burning radar tower on an island north of the air base and hover there until the conclusion of the mission.
  • In addition to the vehicles taking off from Fort Grays, a flock of scarlet macaws can also be seen; this is the second example of birds being physically seen in gameplay, after the seagulls featured in Shockwave, the second mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


  1. The player must have completed this mission at least once, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. Destroy the third wave of enemies with the 4AAM, 6AAM, or 8AAM. PYRO spawns in the northwest at the same time as the fourth wave of bombers.


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