"I've heard just about enough of your tall tales for one lifetime."
― Chimera 2 to Falco One[1]

The Chimera Squadron was an elite ace squadron part of the Leasath Air Force.


Leasath Civil War

Chimera Squadron became well known for their actions during the Leasath Civil War. Their actions ultimately solidified their position as an elite unit in the Leasath Air Force.[2]

Aurelian War

During the Aurelian War, Chimera was sent to Area Z2K in order to intercept the Falco Squadron. Despite their elite tactics, they were no match and were shot down over the airspace.[3]

Later on in the war, the squadron was dispatched to protect Leasath's experimental airborne fortress, the Gandr. Once again, all pilots were shot down.[4]


  • The number of squadron members depends on the selected difficulty: two on easy, three on normal and hard.