Chopinburg Rainforest is a heavily forested subtropical region located in south-central Usea, east of Axel Bay. The city of Los Canas is located in the northeast corner of the region.[3]


Usean coup d'état

On June 1, 1998, during the Usean coup d'état, a convoy of Usean Rebel Forces' C-17s established a supply line through Chopinburg. In order to lessen the enemy's resistance in the area, the Usean Allied Forces deployed Phoenix to disrupt the rebels' resupply operations. Phoenix arrived at Chopinburg in the midst of the rebels' airdrop and successfully halted the operation.[1][4]

Ulysses Impact Event

Chopinburg was one of many locations struck by the Ulysses 1994XF04 planetfall. The impact created a small Crater lake.[5]

Continental War

In the midst of the Continental War, the Independent State Allied Forces recaptured Istas Fortress, its former GHQ on the eastern edge of Chopinburg, on February 28, 2005 and made a push towards the city of Los Canas.[6] Two weeks later, at 1531 hours, ISAF ace Mobius 1 was dispatched on a solo mission in the region north of Chopinburg to escort two Air Ixiom airliners carrying the engineers responsible for Stonehenge and their families. The engineers were offering vital information on the STN in exchange for permission to defect to an ISAF member state. The two airliners, Flights 701 and 702, fell under attack by Erusean fighters despite carrying civilian passengers. Mobius 1, singlehandedly engaged and shot down the fighters pursuing the airliners, which safely arrived in ISAF territory. With the information supplied by the engineers, ISAF was able to commence Operation Stone Crusher to successfully destroy Stonehenge.[7]

Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War, Erusea maintained air superiority over Chopinburg. On May 30, 2019, the Osean Air Defense Force deployed several squadrons to retake the area.[5]

Intercorporate War

During the simulated Intercorporate War between Neucom Incorporated and General Resource Limited, Chopinburg was used to conduct joint exercises between the UPEO's Special Armed Response Force (SARF) and the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF). As part of the cooperation between SARF and GR, Nemo performed training exercises with GR's ace Abyssal Dision and his wingman Keith Bryan. During the exercises, Neucom dropped chemical containers within the area. Through the combined efforts of the UPEO and GRDF, the chemicals as well as the Neucom transports and escort fighters were destroyed.[8]

Some time later, Neucom's nanotechnology research facility in the Chopinburg region would experience a mishap when a large quantity of experimental nano-bytes (intended for building/construction purposes) went out of control and began to spread through the area. The nano-bytes began breaking down organic matter in order to manufacture and replicate more of themselves. A squadron consisting of Nemo, Erich Jager and Rena Hirose was equipped with Anti-Nanobyte Bombs to neutralize the nano-bytes. The UPEO pilots successfully disabled the nano-bytes, but Hirose's Su-37 Super Flanker-R drifted into the range of a nano-byte cloud and was attacked, driving her to the breaking point as they began consuming her. Nemo managed to neutralize the threat by firing an ANB at her aircraft and saved her life.[9]


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