"In the end, the Osean Army couldn't take [Cinigrad], and the war began to bog down. For Belka ... there could be no sweeter revenge."
Albert Genette[1]

Cinigrad is the capital of the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. The city is situated in Yuktobania's mountainous northern highlands and is protected by Cruik Fortress to the east. Cinigrad is mentioned several times throughout the plot of Ace Combat 5, but never appears in-game.


Early history

Little is known about Cinigrad's history: the exact date of its founding remains unknown, as is the point at which it became the capital of Yuktobania. However, Cinigrad's absence from antiquated world maps indicates that the city was established sometime after the Osean Federation's capital, Oured.[2]


On September 2, 1991, Cinigrad hosted the unveiling of the first Scinfaxi-class submarine.[3] In 1999, a former ace of the Belkan Air Force unveiled his painting entitled "Demon Lord" at the Cinigrad Art Festival.[4]

Circum-Pacific War

Sometime before November 2010, then-serving Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor was quietly removed from power in Cinigrad by a nationalist coup, which proceeded to intensify the Yuktobanian war effort.[5] Immediately after the invasion of the Yuktobanian mainland in early November 2010, Cinigrad became the Osean Army's primary target, in hopes of quickly ending the war.[6]

Despite the Yuktobanian Army's numerous efforts to halt and repel their advance, successive defeats in the Jilachi Desert and Cruik Fortress eventually brought the Oseans to within striking distance of the capital. The Yuktobanian forces consequently established a defensive barricade in Cinigrad's urban outskirts in an effort to protect the city. Following Wardog Squadron's execution for treason on December 7, however, the Yuktobanian military was able to successfully defend Cinigrad and repulsed the Oseans' siege attempts; the war subsequently devolved into a stalemate.[1]


  • "Cinigrad" is an alternate spelling of "sinegrad" (short for "siniy gorod"), which translates to "blue city".