City On Fire is a mission in Ace Combat 2.


We have received information that an enemy aircraft carrier has entered a port in Anchorhead Bay and is now re-supplying. When completed, the enemy will develop an operation at sea with the carrier as their main force. We will make a surprise attack on the carrier and the supply facilities while the enemy re-supply operation is in progress.

Target: The enemy aircraft carrier and all supply facilities

The bay is alive with anti-aircraft fire, and we have reason to believe there will be a warship accompanying the carrier. Extra precaution is necessary at the time of attack!

Mission overview


  • 1 x Carrier - $6,000
  • 1 x AA guns - $1,000 each.
  • 2 x SAMs - $2,000 each.


  • 4 x A-4 (9,000 pts.)
  • 4 x F-16 (18,000pts.)
  • 1 x AH-64 (1,000pts.)
  • 2 x Transport - $4,000 each. 
  • 11 x AA Gun (11,000pts.)



  • Money: 25,000$
  • Unlocks: F-16

Total Credit: 78,000 pts.


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