All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Anchorhead is still gorgeous, even in the middle of battle."
Ulrich Olsen

City On Fire is the third campaign mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


Commencing Operation Anchorhead Freedom. Anchorhead is a trade city on the western coast that controls a major bay. It used to be a key supply port for the Allied Forces. It's currently under Rebel control and has been converted into a supply base for enemy fleets. Scarface Squadron will invade the city from the southeast and attack the Rebel fleet docked there. We're freeing the city from Rebel control. The enemy consists of a Kinnear-class carrier, and several transports. The city itself has also been fortified with anti-aircraft artillery. When attacking near the surface, be sure to watch your altitude.


The mission serves as the tutorial for anti-ground operation as none of the ground targets pose much of a threat against the player. The player begins southeast of Anchorhead Bay. There are AA guns, a gunboat, and a launcher right in the front. One F-4E will fly toward the player from the north. To the north of the first targets are one vehicle and an AH-64.The player will find the target supply ship north of the Apache, guarded only by a single AA gun. The battle then moves northwestward. Right to the west of the first target supply ship are one AA gun on the bridge, one Apache, and a gunboat in the bay. Just north of these targets is the second target supply ship guarded by a single AA gun. The player will then be approached by a pair of F-4Es. After destroying the pair, the player may find the named vehicle Big Cat on the Anchorhead bridge. Unlike the other vehicles, this vehicle moves very quickly and requires two missiles to be destroyed. The bridge cables will also shield it from the player's missiles. Players may find it easier to kill Big Cat using the machine gun as the bullets will go through the cables. Northwest of the bay, there is the final target aircraft carrier. The ship is heavily guarded by gunboats in the water and AA guns on the land. There will be two reinforcement waves of two F-16Cs each coming from the northwest. After the carrier is sunk, the mission ends.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Finish the mission with 6830 points or more. This score is the equivalent of destroying every enemy apart from the named unit.


The enemy fleet has been destroyed. The Allied ground forces were also successful in invading the city. We've just received word that they've freed Anchorhead. This is cause for celebration for many of the city's inhabitants. And it's all thanks to you, Phoenix. But this also means that the battle against the Rebels will intensify. Even tougher battles are sure to come up on the horizon. But I have every bit of faith in your abilities to bring us victory. We're counting on you, Phoenix.

Named Enemy

Vehicle - Big Cat : Appears on the bridge after killing the F-4Es. It will disappear in the tunnel if not destroyed quickly.


  • Sinking the two supply ships in this mission was originally a requirement to play the secret optional mission Opera House in Ace Combat 2.