"Trigger, time to show the other guys that we get wet, wild, and do dirty, dirty things."
― Clown during Operation Dual Wielder

Clown is the flight lead of the IUN-PKF's Mage Squadron. While he seems caring, he is an opportunist.[2]


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Clown recommended Trigger to the IUN-PKF with the intent of filling the Mage Squadron's vacancy, claiming he was a skilled pilot.[3]

Clown, along with Golem Squadron, carried out the defense of Fort Grays Island following a surprise attack by Erusian bombers. During the mission, Clown recognizes Trigger's potential as a pilot, and advises him on basic fighter tactics. Both Mage and Golem Squadron then take part in an operation to halt the Erusian advance on the Scofields Plateau. During the battle, one of Golem's pilots expresses concern about civilians being caught in the fighting, to which Clown grimly replies that it is the nature of war for innocents to get hurt.

Following the success of Operation Eastern Wind, Mage and Golem take part in the IUN offensive to retake the International Space Elevator, but they are thwarted by the sudden arrival of the Arsenal Bird and are forced to retreat with heavy casualties.

Having been informed that former Osean president Vincent Harling is hiding in the space elevator and awaiting extraction, Mage Squadron becomes part of the operation to rescue him. However, the mission ends in failure when Trigger apparently shoots down Harling's MV-22 by accident, killing him. Clown attempts to defend Trigger by pointing out the chaos of the battlefield and the close proximity of the drones to Harling's Osprey, but Trigger is nonetheless court-marshalled and transferred to Spare Squadron. Clown's fate is unknown after the events of the mission.



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