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Sergeant Collins was the commander of Bravo Team, a commando unit of the United Nations Forcesforward air control. He was the adjutant to Lieutenant Bertz, who commanded Alpha Team of the FAC. When Lt. Bertz was KIA, Sgt. Collins replaced him as leader of the commando units.


Sgt. Collins and Bravo Team joined Lt. Bertz and Alpha Team during Operation Fogbound, a rescue operation for the Greymen in Iyuli. With air support from Bone Arrow Squadron and Ridgeback Squadron, the commandos infiltrated the facility where they believed the Greymen were being held. However, they weren't in the building, having already been executed elsewhere. When Stonehenge Type-3 opened fire on the units, the commandos were ordered to remain in their position until the Stonehenge's fire subsided.

Sgt. Collins returned to assist with Operation Crusher along with other commando units. He directed Bravo Team to get into range for artillery fire against the Stonehenge Type-3's electronic countermeasure system, but a retreat order was given by Lt. Bertz when the railguns fired directly on the commandos. After this operation, both Lt. Bertz and Sgt. Collins gained respect for the Reaper's emblem that they had witnessed as he destroyed the ECM system.

Sgt. Collins continued assisting the UNF in Operation Override, in which he and his commando units assisted in the liberating of Tokyo from the USEA Federation. He took the place of Lt. Bertz when he was killed during the operation.


  • Sgt. Collins echoes another Sergeant Collins, who took Leonard Baelz's position when the latter died during an attack operation.
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