Comberth Harbor is a major city and harbor on the Usean continent. During the Continental War, Erusea deployed its "invincible" Aegir Fleet to Comberth in preparation for an invasion of North Point.[2] The city also saw at least one battle during the Lighthouse War.[3]


Comberth is a massive harbor, encompassing multiple suburbs, industrial areas, and two large metropolitan areas connected by a bridge. The terrain surrounding the harbor area is completely flat. Comberth Harbor's naval facilities include submarine docks, numerous shipyards, and New Comberth Harbor, which contains ammunition and fuel storage, as well as several dry-dock facilities.[1]


Comberth Harbor was originally an ISAF port of call, but was taken by Erusean forces sometime in late 2003 or early 2004. The harbor quickly became the frontline logistics and repair center for the Erusean Navy's east coast operations. In late 2004, as the ISAF began to mount a counterattack, the Erusean High Command in Farbanti deployed the Aegir Fleet to Comberth in preparation for a large-scale invasion of North Point, the new ISAF GHQ. Sometime before November 7, the Aegir Fleet docked at Comberth to undergo refueling and resupply operations before setting sail for North Point.[2]

Operation Rough Seas[]

Comberth harbor industrial area

A view of Comberth's industrial area located on the harbor's eastern shore

On November 23, 2004, at 1200hrs, ISAF fighter squadrons entered Comberth Harbor airspace and caught the unprepared Aegir Fleet in a large-scale surprise attack. The squadron split into four groups to maximize damage within the main target areas of the harbor: the shipyard and dry-dock facilities housing docked warships, the submarine docks to the east, the fuel and ammo dump, and the fleet's capital ships attempting to escape to open waters.[1]

The duration of the operation was extended. Harbor servicing facilities were crippled and the flow of military supplies was critically weakened. Every Erusean naval vessel in the harbor area was either sunk or irreparably damaged; fuel reserves were decimated as well. The ISAF raid completely annihilated the Aegir Fleet, including its support vessels, landing forces, and even the fleet's flagship, the battleship Tanager. The commanding officer of the Tanager, Captain Matias Torres, was hailed as "The Hero of Comberth Harbor" for his efforts directing the evacuation of the ship, saving most of its crew.[4]

Any plans for an Erusean invasion of North Point were "delayed indefinitely". The collateral damage and extremely high casualty rates suffered during the attack made Erusean officers wary of the Ribbon's aerial dominance.[1]


Sometime after the Stonehenge offensive and before May 7, 2005, Comberth Harbor was liberated by ISAF forces.

Lighthouse War[]

On July 7, 2019, during the Lighthouse War, the Osean Defense Forces launched Operation Balance against Erusea. During the operation, Osea sustained an attrition rate of 52%.[3]




  1. The coordinates from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies do not reflect Comberth Harbor's canonical location as modern Strangereal was not fully developed until Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. See File:Strangereal AC04.png versus File:Complete Strangereal Map AC7.png.