Commander, Third Fleet was a Special FRONT LINE issue published in September 2004. It focused on the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet.[1] Below is a translation of the original Japanese text.[2]

Osea Maritime Defense Force Third Fleet[]

The Third Fleet is an OMDF fleet headquartered at St. Hewlett under the command of the Pacific Fleet. In order to project force into the Ceres Ocean contested by Osea's erstwhile "presumed enemies," 70 vessels carrying 400 military aircraft and 60,000 sailors and marines can be mobilized in times of need, starting with the aircraft carrier OFS Kestrel. The history of the fleet goes back a long way to its founding by Admiral Stafford - "Father of the Navy" - in the 16th century. Since then it's come to be known as the strongest military force in the region. The current commander is Vice Admiral Richard Glenn.


Commander, Third Fleet 5

Above: a patch of the OMDF 3rd Fleet.

Below: a baseball cap of the OMDF 3rd Fleet.



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