This article concerns the Strangereal locale. For the base in the Infinity universe, see Comona Base.

The Comona Islands are an island chain located in the Eusian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Usea. The islands feature a tropical climate and are home to Comona University,[3] Comona Observatory,[4] a space center, and a military airport. The islands have been the site of several major battles.


20th Century

In December 1994, the International Astronomical Union discovered the existence of an asteroid that had a likelihood of entering Earth's atmosphere. The IAU formed a special team of astronomers, who named the asteroid Ulysses 1994XF04. Comona University, believed to be located on the Comona Islands, collaborated with Shellsbridge University to calculate the asteroid's trajectory, and by October 1995, confirmed that it would impact the planet.[3]

This information was not made public until April 1996; until then, it was privately shared between allies of the FCU, who formulated plans to deal with the threat of Ulysses.[3] One proposal involved an anti-asteroid laser system, which could be equipped to satellites, and used to destroy Ulysses from space at long range. Although the laser system was never fully completed, it did possess functional attack capabilities against surface targets on the planet. It remained in storage at the Comona Islands for some time.[2]

Usean coup d'état

The space center at the Comona Islands in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

On August 30, 1998, the Usean Rebel Forces commandeered all of the anti-asteroid laser units and planned to launch a satellite equipped with one to destroy the Usean Allied Forces. The Allied Forces launched a successful attack on the space center and destroyed all of the laser units, including the shuttle that was preparing to launch. Scarface Squadron was then alerted that Beast Squadron, which had survived its first encounter with Scarface, had entered the airspace. After an extended dogfight over the islands, Scarface Squadron emerged victorious, leading to the ultimate success of Operation Alphaville.[2]

21st Century

In July 1998, the Comona Observatory and Seals Bridge University found evidence indicating that the Ulysses 1994XF04 had a hollow interior. After this discovery, new calculations showed that the continent of Anea would also be struck in addition to Usea. The International Astronomical Union later announced these findings in the same month after the IUN chairman and government of Central Usea stated they would not upgrade Stonehenge to protect Anea, sparking nation-wide protests in Nordennavic, Emmeria and Estovakia against the IUN and FCU.[4]

At some point in the early 2000s, the Comona Islands joined the Independent State Allied Forces. At the outbreak of the Continental War, Erusea invaded the entire Usean mainland but never took control of Comona.[5]

Continental War

Following Erusea's use of Stonehenge against ISAF forces during Operation Blackout,[6] the ISAF organized a reconnaissance satellite launch from Comona—codenamed Operation Countdown—in preparation for a mainland offensive. Erusea learned of ISAF's intentions and on New Year's Eve deployed a large aerial force to prevent the launch. ISAF responded in kind, and a major air battle broke out over the space center. At some point, a formation of Erusean B-2A Spirit bombers entered the airspace. Mobius 1 broke off from the furball and downed the approaching bombers. The launch proceeded as planned and the satellite was unharmed.[7]


In January 2013, the International Space Elevator's first cable transportation rocket was launched from Comona, which circled Earth while rising under MPD propulsion.[8]

Intercorporate War

Over the next three decades, the Comona Islands would continue to host major space operations. At some point, they came under the ownership of Neucom Incorporated. During one of the seminal events in the Nemo Project, an R-352 Sepia was launched to destroy General Resource Limited's Orbital Satellite Laser units in the upper atmosphere. Depending on Nemo's actions up to that point in the simulation, Nemo either piloted the R-352[9] or prevented its launch.[10]


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere


  • The Comona Islands closely resemble the Florida Keys in appearance as well as hosting a military airport. However, Florida's space missions are primarily launched from Kennedy Space Center, whereas the Comona Islands consist of an air base and various space facilities in one place.
  • The Comona Islands appeared as the West Indies Comona Base for various missions in Ace Combat Infinity. Both facilities host a space center; however, Comona Base can also perform SSTO launches—the Comona Islands' space center cannot.