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An Estovakian Navy container ship

Container ships are naval ships which carry supplies across bodies of water, usually in shipping containers.

They have made numerous appearances in the Ace Combat series.



Container ships have been used for decades in Strangereal, but it is not known how far back their deployment goes.

Usean Rebel Forces[]

In the Usean coup d'état, a container ship was part of the Usean 2nd Fleet, a former Usean Allied Forces fleet. This was destroyed by Scarface Squadron along with the rest of the fleet at Skully Islands.[1][2]

Leasath Naval Forces[]

Container ships were utilised throughout the Aurelian War by the Leasath Naval Forces[3], most notably for the transport of the High-Powered Microwave weapon from Cobalt Cave to Archelon Fortress.[4]

Joint Assault universe[]

The Valahia used container ships to ship weapons and supplies around the world.

Assault Horizon universe[]

Blatnoi used container ships to smuggle weapons, vehicles, and aircraft to SRN rebels in East Africa. NATO was aware of these shipments and stationed forces in the Suez Canal to help interdict these shipments.

One operation turned into a massive battle between NATO helicopters and special forces and the insurgents. United States Navy SEALs eventually boarded the container ships and secured the cargo.

Infinity universe[]